Google removes authorship completely from search, no flashy SERPS now

The year 2011 was a pretty turbulent time for SEOs worldwide. Google had made their search results more social with the help of Google Authorship and everybody had to jump on the Google Plus bandwagon just in order to become a verified author and get their flashy pictures along with their search results. We too increased our focus on Google plus just in the hopes to get a good standings in SERPS. But lately Google has been tweaking the authorship system a bit. Firstly they started it by removing the author pictures from the search engine results in the month of June. Then after that now with the latest announcement it’s clear that they have completely done with the authorship system and we see no immediate plans in the near future to restore this system.

Google removes authorship completely from search: Our take.

Bloggers and webmasters alike may think that why is this change necessary. We too pondered a lot over the course of past 1 day and one thing that was clear to us is that “Google’s design is dictated by $!”

google design is dictated by dollars
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Another thing that is clear to us now is that Google+ might slowly take the backstage. Although by far it’s one of the most used social networks just second to Facebook, still the future might see Google Plus being shelved or something drastic like that. Though personally we believe it’s a good product and it should be given few more years to prove it’s mettle.

The change hasn’t been done fully. Posts which are relevant for any search query from our Google plus circles will still show up in the search results when we search for something.

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Here’s the official quote by Google,

Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search.

And that folks is the end of the story!

But we don’t suppose that the rel=”author” markup is rendered completely useless now. It will still be somewhat useful but only for those organizations and websites which have a large Google+ following who search for things while they are logged in. Then the results from these specific sources might show up as recommended just by the virtue of being associated through Google+ platform.

As of for now, sayonara folks, got some awesome SEO strategy to share with us? Then do comment below, we love genuine commentators and sometimes take time out for a show or something too! 😛

Just kidding! Stay awesome, stay inspired to rise!

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Google removes authorship completely from search, no flashy SERPS now

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