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google web designer toolkitIn this era of hyperactive web development where we have all kind of websites. From those which run on CMS like Joomla and WordPress to those which are entirely custom coded, having the right tools is absolutely essential. Things have always been difficult for those trying to break new grounds. The developers who to create new websites using the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are always in a mess because of the wide variety of tools they have to employ in order to get the job done. The latest to step into this game is Google Web Designer web development tool by Google. This tool helps user to create their own custom HTML5 website with awesome 3d effects and other visual enhancements without having to worry about the code. The more code savvy can actually look at the code part too, as the tool allows to work using both modes. You can access it here. So, let’s discuss this tool in detail, today at

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 Google Web Designer tool for web development by Google : Salient features.

  • Responsive design from base : The Web Designer tool is made in such a way that webpages built through it are responsive i.e change dynamically with change in screen size.
  • Two animation modes : There are two modes for creating web animations in Google Web Designer, a quick mode and an advanced mode. Quick mode is basic and allows to set transition timings and effects like MS PowerPoint. We have the ability to animate the elements we wish to change. And we can build an animation sequence scene by scene. In the advanced mode each individual element can be animated. And we have layers too like Adobe Photoshop. So, designers will feel at ease making complex projects with this software.
  • Full 3d creation environment : Objects and even two dimensional designs can be rotated along any axis. Three dimensional transformations along with translations can be done using the vast arsenal of tools along with usage of CSS3.
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  • Ability to switch between design view and code view : With code view the web designer/developer can create XML, JavaScript and CSS files. Due to the auto complete feature in code view the errors are reduced to a minimum level. Just like WordPress editor we can seemingly switch between the code and design view. So, any changes made to the code can be immediately viewed in the design view. Custom CSS styling can also be done for individual entities.
google web designer html5
Google web designer tool : 100% HTML 5 support.
  • Advanced Illustration tools : Vector style designs can easily be created using in-built tools and assets can be imported from any other design software. New HTML tags can be created by drawing with the Tag tool.
  • Easy ad workflow – ease of ad placement :  There are three workable ad types. Banner ads, expandable ads and interstitial ads. Ads can be easily placed and responsive ads are supported along with option to place ads from any network. Example for ads.
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Google Web Designer tool for web development by Google : The future.

Here you can access the forum for Google Web Designer tool to know more about it. This is the link to it’s official Google plus page. The tool is currently in it’s beta and it will be more refined and features will be added as time passes by. As to now nothing can be said regarding the future of the Google Web Designer tool. It can’t be even said whether this tool will remain free or not. Let’s wait and watch. We at Inspire2rise don’t see this tool or any other replacing custom content management systems like WordPress any time soon. But all this tool can do is to serve to help as a wonderful add on for building beautiful HTML 5 websites.

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