Enhance privacy on Google plus : Stop personal ads

Google plus has recently gained a lot of traction in the past few months. Everyone is eager to try it out. Many are simply using Google Plus for a change. I am myself more active on Google plus and have more followers on that network alone. That much following is not even present on Facebook or Twitter platform.
One thing that I have genuinely learned about Google Plus is that it’s real.
By real I mean that you can find people like you easily on Google plus as compared to any other social network. People on Google Plus are real, eager to help and never ever try to fake you in to stuff you don’t like. This I have found from my personal observation, or maybe I found the right people. But many surveys too have pointed to the fact that the real world impact of Google Plus is significantly more than Facebook. Though Google plus has it’s own share of issues, like slow loading times for people like me on metered broadband connections. But still if you want to network with people who are interesting, have a personality and actually do something in life then Google plus is the network to go to.

Well that was quite an appreciative round up about Google Plus. Let’s get into some finer details too.

Enhance privacy on Google plus : How to Stop personal ads?

If you are a Google Plus user then Google can use your photographs and content you share for advertising purposes or some case studies. It sounds truly uncool but I am sorry folks that’s the way big things work. You can disable this to protect your privacy. To disable this feature just go to the below link and un-check the box at the bottom which says that

Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.


Do share it to inform others who you care about as well.

I am sure you don’t want to become another billboard! – Mohul Ghosh


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Other helpful tips to enhance privacy on Google plus :

  1. Select who can see your posts :
    enhance privacy on google plus choose who sees your postsEvery time you post something you can select the default level of sharing. By not choosing Public as well as extended circles, and only choosing the circles with whom you wish to share your updates you can make sure that the update reaches a selected group of people.
  2. Select what to display publicly :
    These settings can be changed to your custom preference to suit your needs. You can choose the level up to which people can interact with you. You can also select people who can comment on your posts. By tweaking these few settings you can go a long way in protecting your privacy.
    enhance privacy on google plus easy way
    You can also choose on this very tab whether you want to show to others the things which you have +1 ed all across the internet or not.
    Here you can choose whether you want your cell phone number to show up publicly or not. If you have two three connected email addresses like me then you can choose which email address would be primary.
    enhance privacy on google plus for noobsBy viewing your profile in public view you can check how your profile looks like to random strangers.
    enhance privacy on google plus circles
  3. By selectively adding people to different circles you will stay safe from random posts sent to people you don’t wish to share a particular thing with.
  4. You can choose who circles you, you can also choose whose posts you will see in your Google Plus stream.
    Always tread with caution when commenting on posts that are set to public privacy settings. This is because anything that is set to public privacy setting will be indexed and will show up in Google Search Results.
  5. You can adjust your hangouts setting to Available, busy, invisible and so on depending on whether you want to interact with people or not.
  6. You can disable the re-share feature for your specific posts by clicking on a simple down arrow at right side of each post. This allows the post to remain limited to a specific audience.
  7. You can select only one person to share an update with or to hangout with so as to make a private discussion. Remember a private discussion can be made public by adding people but vice-versa is not possible.
  8. Remember even after following all security and safety measures some people may try to displease or harass you. Well for tackling such people the option to Block them is always there in Google Plus.
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So enhance privacy on Google plus by following this simple step. Other than that you may like our previous articles regarding Google and it’s products :


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Enhance privacy on Google plus : Stop personal ads

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