GTA 3 Multiplayer Mode Was Scrapped Due to Development Constraints

Discover why the planned multiplayer mode for GTA 3 was canceled due to development challenges, as revealed by a former Rockstar employee.

Former Rockstar Employee Reveals GTA 3’s Canceled Multiplayer Mode Due to Development Constraints

On May 27, a former Rockstar employee, Obbe Vermeij, shared insights on social media about the GTA series, specifically addressing the multiplayer mode.

Vermeij explained that although GTA 1 and GTA 2 had multiplayer modes, Rockstar initially planned to include a multiplayer mode in GTA 3. Vermeij himself wrote the code for this feature. Unfortunately, the mode was never released.

the sewers cancelled map gta 3

The reason for this cancellation was that Rockstar had too many projects at the time and couldn’t complete the development in time.

For GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas, multiplayer modes were also not included due to technical issues and cost considerations, though players can use third-party platforms like VCMP and SAMP for multiplayer experiences.

Even though GTA 3’s multiplayer mode was scrapped, fans and forums like GTAForum have uncovered and shared various multiplayer maps that were intended for competitive play, differing from the free-roaming style of GTA Online.

Despite the absence of multiplayer in the GTA trilogy, Rockstar did create multiplayer modes for GTA: Liberty City Stories and GTA: Vice City Stories.

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GTA 3 Multiplayer Mode Was Scrapped Due to Development Constraints

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