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GTA 5 is easily the most awaited game of the year. And we all know why. Who doesn’t love banging other fellas, driving cars like madmen, going to nice ole shady places. And of course shooting up a city’s entire police force. Well all of the above is obviously fictional. If you ever tried doing that for real, then do contact me. 😛 But still the extent of freedom that the Grand Theft Auto series gives to its gamers is the drug which makes it so addictive. The characters in GTA 5 are all pretty messed up personae in themselves. So we bring to you a complete GTA 5 characters review here at Inspire2rise.com

GTA 5 Characters review : Detailed personality roundups –

1.) Trevor –

gta 5 characters review trevor
GTA 5 characters review : Trevor

The psychopath done right. Well, that’s Trevor for you.
He has such a crazy personality, that even hardcore GTA fans would have a tough time adjusting to playing with Trevor. Trevor has also got a special ability in the game that makes him less prone to damage and on the same hand giving away more hit power  in return. As is evident from Trevor’s unique trailer, he is hell of a man. Has a fetish for females, highly eccentric and has a very sarcastic sense of humor. Even when the character is being controlled by the gamer it seems out of control. And it is pretty much evident that Trevor has a love for destroying things.

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2.) Michael

gta 5 characters review michael
GTA 5 characters review : Michael

Michael is the rich guy gone sour. Michael has the special ability to slow down time when shooting ( maybe RockStar wants to hint that Michael was a born Hit-man!). He has everything from years of dirty work. Yet he has nothing, as his wife can’t bear the sight of him. His daughter is shown to be a tantrum throwing spoilt brat. His son tries his hand at being cool, but has got nothing from his father’s superb genes. And as we can see Michael talking to his therapist in the second trailer of GTA 5,

“I am rich. I am miserable. I am pretty average for this country!”

gta 5 characters review franklin
GTA 5 characters review : Franklin

3.) Franklin
Franklin is the don’t mess with me gang banger from Los Santos. He is shown to have a real appetite for Cars. He works for an Armenian luxury car dealership. Franklin has some cool driving and maneuvering abilities which are his special features. And apart from that Franklin is the guy we all love. The cool gangsta, and as is shown when Michael introduces Franklin to his friend Trevor.

Michael : Hey Franklin, meet Trevor.
Trevor : Hi.
Michael : Hey Trevor, that’s Franklin. “The son I always wanted!” 😛
Franklin : Whatever.
Trevor : Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer!

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GTA 5 Characters review : The unique player system.

GTA 5 has been completely re-designed in such a way that the player would get to experience open world environments like never before. There’s the option to switch between characters whilst playing the game. So, say you are between a mission, then it will be up to you how to finish it. You can play the mission from the perspective of all the three available characters. And as folks at IGN too promised, it’s hell of a joy ride! Real time character switching is indeed innovative on Rockstar’s part.

GTA 5 : Size and detail of the game.

GTA 5 is five times the size of GTA 4. The omnipresent mini-map with GPS and pointers is still present at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The game has the smartphone feature of GTA-4 ramped up to the next level as now it also has a social-network and updates from game characters and messages can also be exchanged like before.

There are individual missions too with individual character centric focus. But the real fun is in the big heists that Rockstar Games has put up in GTA 5 . Around 8 Major heists/robberies are expected in the upcoming GTA 5.

First Trailer.

If it is successful which we know it will be, then it’s going to definitely redefine gaming standards this time.
GTA 5 will release on September 17 2013. You can pre-order it here now.

Do watch the crazy trailers, and when you are done and even the last bit of your soul is excited to play this game.

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