Guest post by you - Why you should not Guest post

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    1. Hmm, many people just go seeking sites to gues post on. And many webmasters accept guest posts just like that. THis post was meant for them! 😀
      Keep visiting !

  1. how did you write in box Like you have written ” Reading now : Guest post by you : Why you should not Guest post or allow it!”

      1. I do not fully agree with your article.
        Though, if you are accepting guest post from an authority person why would you deny it while it can bring traffic to your blog.

        Talking about the penalty, you must provide the do follow link within the author bio and follow the guideline. You won’t be hit by any animal.

        Hmm Writing a Guest post, that’s the points made me stop here and share my views. Guest Posting is what, to give some of your time to other people’s Blog. If you are going to a reputable blog for guest posting, then you must know that the blog has loyal readers and if in the blogging field you want some reputation, then you will always try to get it.

        And I think the Posting as a Guest author on an authority blog will definitely tell that blog readers who are YOU. There are different people with different opinion regarding the Guest posting. Some people want to contribute and also want to increase their online presence in this Blogging World.

        You have told you are not being innovative. Why ? If you write for them, you definitely don’t want to lose your writing skill and show the world the power of your writing. Your writing skill will improve as much you will write.

        A well female blogger I know, Nirmala from MyMagicFundas, She has made her loyal readers by guest posting on other blogs.
        The burden of what kind, you are making efforts for your blog to be more popular.

        Well these are my opinion after getting into your article. One solution can be there. If You don’t want to guest post, then leave such a long comment on other blogs, that will also work a little bit to grab the attention towards you 😀
        Ravi Verma

        1. Consider it this way bro. People come to Inspire2rise because Aditya Nath Jha writes here and not anywhere else. So, guest posting would actually make me seem like I want to be all the over the place and actually reduce my reputation and brand value! 😀
          Your points are valid too but I don’t wanna kill the exclusivity!

  2. I do agree with you and really like the points you have figured out here. I also don’t like to spend time in building articles for others as time is really precious at this stage of life. Better I would prefer to building own contents that would help my readers.

  3. I agree with your points Aditya, Why to write an article for anyone else?
    Write it for your own website sooner or later you will see the traffic if you have quality content on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing these points 🙂

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