Guest post by you : Why you should not Guest post or allow it!


Guest posting is a rage these days. New bloggers and experienced webmasters alike, all swear by guest posting as a very great method to build online reputation. Successfully build back links, make new interactions, rank higher etc. etc. . But today we at Inspire2rise have come with a new guest post by you guidelines blogging guide. We will explain and try to tell you that why you should not guest post.

Guest post by you : Tips for those who accept guest posts.

guest post by you - the cons of guest posting
Guest Post by you : Guidelines.


1.) Chance of getting hit by a do-follow penalty in the near future.
If you are a webmaster who solely depends on guest posts for content creation, then have no fear dear. You are going to get hit by one of the Google animal Brigade soon. Google considers pages with lots of do-follow links emanating from them to be suspicious. Because link farms too act in the same way, so you can be unknowingly hit by a penalty.

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2.) Quality issues with guest posts.
Only few writers truly have it in them to write a really nice post. The rest are just hunting for PR, link juice, recognition etc. etc. The few who care about quality content, are busy posting it on their own blogs. Also if the quality isn’t good enough then the regular visitors of your site would get pissed off. Maybe they would even stop visiting your site in the future.

3.) No relation to your website niche.
It doesn’t matter whether the posts you receive are so good, so as to be worthy of a writer’s guild award until & unless they’re related to your niche.

4.) Article spinning/Copying.
Nowadays almost all of the new bloggers and some avid guest posters too use article spinning software. Just put few paragraphs from here, few from there. And voila : It’s done.
Accepting such posts would kill your website sooner or later.

Reading now : Guest post by you : Why you should not Guest post or allow it!

5.) Making you lazy.
And this the biggest disadvantages of allowing guest post by you. If you are a blogger with nice PR and authority, then as a matter of fact you will receive lots of guest post submissions. This will kill the natural writer/blogger inside you and make you lazy. Mind my words, I have seen many bloggers succumb to this practice.

Guest post by you : Tips for those who write guest posts.

1.) You are loosing your valuable content.
You write a stellar article. And then you post it on someone’s website. Consider this case, if it was truly a superb post then how much traffic it could bring to you. And if it really ranked well and was informative it could get you some pretty decent back links too.
I would like to clarify with an example : I wrote a post a month ago about the recent and ongoing AdSense click bombing attack. It was so much shared, that it actually landed me a DO-FOLLOW PR8 back link from a top forum website. Now just think, if you keep on giving away your quality content, how will your site ever succeed?

2.) You are helping someone else build their reputation.
Though authors are allowed to use their bio, but it’s also going under someone’s else blog name and brand. So you are loosing the true marketing potential of the content.

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3.) You will be exhausted.
Yes it’s true. If you guest post regularly you will know that making a quality guest post requires a lot of work. Many of us give our best, just to ensure that the post gets approved.
But in doing so, we get drained. And eventually new ideas take time to sink in. Thus leaving you behind on the posting schedule for your own website.

4.) You are not being innovative enough.
So someone said, guest posting is the best way. And you took your laptop and a cup of coffee and went on a rampage on the blogosphere. Well, such guest post by you will serve you no good, rather make you labelled as a spammer by others. Just because it worked for everyone else doesn’t mean you too should walk the same path. Choose your own unique methods.

Reading now : Guest post by you : Why you should not Guest post or allow it!

5.) You are increasing your blogging burden.
Many webmasters have very strict policies. They want you to reply to each and every comment on the submitted posts. Also taking out time for such daily updations may be tiresome for some bloggers. If your work is limited to your website, then only can you truly be free and work at your own whim.

The above views are author’s own. Feel free to add your own using the comments form!

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