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US companies can continue to sell products to Huawei!

But has the Trump Ban situation been full averted?


On June 29th, at a press conference, US President Trump said that he would allow US companies to continue selling products to Huawei.

Trump said that Huawei’s products are very complex products produced in Silicon Valley in the United States. These American companies are great who deal with Huawei and will drive employment, so American companies are allowed to continue selling products to Huawei.

The Chinese side also responded. The Chinese Foreign Ministry G20 Special Envoy and Director of the International Economics Department Wang Xiaolong said at another press conference that if the US side said it was done, we would welcome it.

Wang Xiaolong said that Huawei is a private enterprise and its information technology is in a leading position in the world. For such a company, I think that no matter where it invests, it will participate in the development and construction of the local communication market, and it will be on the local communication industry. Such a company would play a good role in promoting local interests as well. Carrying out some restrictions beyond its technical and economic scope will definitely lead to a double loss situation for both parties involved. So if the US has made such a declaration and said it is done, the Chinese said that they welcome it.

But we are still some time away from the full resolution of this situation as it seems for now. Whether Huawei can continue to launch new smartphones with Android and things can go back to as they were is something that’s still unclear as of now!

So guys what do you think? Would this whole situation resolve soon? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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