Intel Lakefield 5 cores 10nm processor leaked online!

Rumoured next generation chip appears on 3dMark!

At the beginning of the year, Intel proposed the Foveros 3D stereo chip packaging technology, the first product from it is Lakefield, which will use a hybrid x86 architecture.

Hardware enthusiasts have discovered now that Lakefield has appeared in the well-known benchmark performance tool 3Dmark-FireStrike.

intel lakefield 10th gen cpu leak

Lakefield frequency as showcase here is 3.1GHz and it has 5 cores. The system was running on a 64-bit Win10 platform with LPDDR4X memory.

In terms of the benchmark scores, the GPU score is 11xx and the physical score is 52xx. 

intel lakefield firestrike score

FireStrike is a test for 1080P scenes in 3Dmark. So from the scores and other details, it feels like this is going to be an entirely different processor.

Of course, to explain this problem, we still have to go back to Lakefield’s own architecture. There is only one high-energy core Sunny Cove (same as 10nm Ice Lake) in the five cores, and the other four are low-power Atom CPU cores with 10nm technology. However, the performance of the internal GPU was somewhat unexpected. At the time of publication, Lakefield was shown as a Gen 11 core with a maximum of 64 execution units.

According to the plan, the Lakefield chip does not have a large power draw, the standby power consumption is 2mW (0.002W), the maximum power consumption is no more than 7W. Hence no fan is needed, and this is a passively cooled CPU. And it can be used for portable small devices under 11 inches.

So, guys, this was it for this tech leak. Are you excited for super portable computing devices sporting these Intel chips? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Do subscribe to Inspire2rise push notifications to get more timely tech updates!

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Intel Lakefield 5 cores 10nm processor leaked online!

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