Intel’s Upcoming Processor Roadmap: Dell’s 2027 Plans Revealed

Discover Dell’s product roadmap for Intel’s future processors, including Panther and Nova Lake releases. Stay updated on the latest tech launches.

Dell’s internal documents from August last year, discovered online by VideoCardz, have revealed Intel’s upcoming mobile processor milestones.

According to the roadmap, we can expect the following launches:

  • Lunar Lake-MX is anticipated for August or September 2024.
  • Arrow Lake-H is projected for February or March 2025.
  • Panther Lake-H is expected around February or March 2026.
  • Nova Lake is slated for the first quarter of 2027.

dell xps 13 laptop

Currently, the XPS 13 and XPS 14 models will continue using their existing molds until next year, with a new design expected in 2026:

  • XPS 13 DIVO will feature Intel Lunar Lake-MX or the second generation Snapdragon X processor with a 20W TDP.
  • XPS 14 HURACAN will include Intel Panther Lake-Px40 or the second generation Snapdragon X processor with a 40W TDP.

dell xps 14 laptop

The XPS 16 model is to maintain its current design until the year after next, with a potential new graphics card release from Nvidia in 2027:

  • XPS 16 PERFORMANTE might use Intel, AMD, or Qualcomm processors (80W TDP) but could be delayed until 2028.

dell xps 16 laptop

The technology media outlet reminds us that this document was leaked in August last year, and product details may have changed since then. The analysis provided is for reference only.

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Intel’s Upcoming Processor Roadmap: Dell’s 2027 Plans Revealed

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