iPhone 11 Max latest leaks, major changes ahead for the big iPhone!

Switches to rounded mute button and USB-C interface!

It’s now less than three months to go for the new Apple’s 2019 iPhone Autumn launch event. Most probably the mass production of the new smartphones has already been carried out at a huge scale! Read on for detailed iPhone 11 Max latest leaks and news!

Accessories manufacturer Olixar’s latest protective case for the iPhone 11 Max has been leaked online now. In addition to reconfirming the presence of the rear square three-camera module. The case also shows that the rumours of the circular mute button and the USB-C interface are not unfounded.

iPhone 11 Max latest leaks and details

olixar iphone 11 max case leaks

Most probably the 2019 iPhone 11 Max is going to come with a USB type C port and round mute button. But to come to any conclusion at this point in time is kind of immature. These rumours would be fully confirmed only when we see some real life leaks or when other case manufacturers as well confirm the upcoming design!

iphone 11 max latest leaks usb c

In fact, switching from Lightning to USB-C may mean that the old iPhone users may not need to drastically update all their accessories. But considering what the iPad Pro has already shown, the benefits of using a USB type C port are numerous! It provides with the advantages of PD high-speed charging, audio and video transmission and more. All in all the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

In addition, the latest rumours have said that the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 Max is expected to increase to the range of 3491 mAh to 3650 mAh.

So guys what do you think? Will Apple actually switch to USB-C for the new iPhone? Only time can answer this question! Till then do let us know what you feel in the comments section below!

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iPhone 11 Max latest leaks, major changes ahead for the big iPhone!

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