Everything About Mechanical Keyboards and Their Switches!

A Guide Explaining Everything One Needs to Know About All Types of Mechanical Keyboard Switches!

There is one thing common in the community of tech enthusiasts. They all have passion and love for mechanical keyboards and mechanical keyboard switches. Why the tech enthusiasts prefer mechanical keyboards over normal keyboards? Let’s get to know the first difference.

The Fall of the Typewriter was the emergence of computers’ consumer-friendly keyboards as the primary input device for all typing work. The popular normal keyboard is known as a membrane keyboard because they use a rubber dome. Modern-day mechanical keyboards have individual switches under every key.

Categories of Mechanical Keyboard Switches

There are broadly three categories available based on their characteristics:

  1. Linear Switches:

    Linear switches are simple, usually smooth, consistent and without any tactile feedback. They don’t have a tactile bump, making the switches glide down easily with no audible click sound. Linear Switches are the fastest, making them suitable for gamers and working professionals.
  2. Tactile switches:

    Tactile switches include a bump halfway which provides tactile feedback. The bump denotes the actuation point giving a faster typing experience. These switches are the go-to choice of the typist. Cherry MX Brown switches are amongst the most popular tactile keyboard switches available right now.
  3. Clicky switches

    Clicky switches are bumpy and louder by design and they are a variation of the tactile switch. They are the loudest of all the three options here. Clicky switches are the modern-day version of a typewriter.

Common Switch manufacturers:

Cherry MX:

Cherry MX is the current market leader in the world of key switches. Among gamers and enthusiasts, the Cherry MX is a top pick. They produce a wide range of switches. The Cherry MX Red, Blue, Black, and Brown are the most popular ones. The Cherry MX Blue are tactile switches which offer a good click experience.

The Cherry MX Reds are most popular amongst gamers as they are Linear switches which offer the least resistance while gaming. The Cherry MX Brown switches are Tactile and Quiet which means that the actuation point is quieter compared to the high click sound of MX Blues or other clicky keyboards.


Kaihua is a China-based manufacturer. The Kailh switches are identical to Cherry MX switches and tend to be more affordable compared to their Cherry MX counterparts. Some Kailh switches are compatible with Cherry MX keycaps as well.


Logitech is the peripherals giant that makes keyboards for both productivity and gaming. They designed two switches “Logitech Romer-G” for gaming and “low-profile G” for productivity. Low-profile GL switches come in three variants clicky, tactile, and linear while Logitech Romer-G keys come in three variants Blue, Brown and Red.


Razer is a gamer-centric brand with its signature green aesthetic design. You will find a classic green razer switch in most razer products which is a mix of Brown and Blue switches. The linear variant Yellow switches are the fastest and quietest and the Orange switch is tactile and silent.


Gateron is another popular Cherry MX alternative from China. They are known for aesthetics and a wide range of colour switches. Gateron switches are also gaming and productivity centric. They are known for silky smoothness, it is even smoother than the Cherry switches for those who enjoy a smooth typing feeling.

This was all about the world of Switches and Mechanical keyboards. Are you guys interested in mechanical keyboards? Do let us know your favourite switches down below!

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Everything About Mechanical Keyboards and Their Switches!

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