Microsoft and Khan Academy Partner to Offer Free AI Assistant to U.S. Teachers

Microsoft and Khan Academy collaborate to provide free AI tools, enhancing education for U.S. K-12 teachers.

On May 22, during the Microsoft Build conference, Microsoft and Khan Academy announced a new partnership. This initiative aims to bring time-saving and curriculum-enhancing AI tools to millions of U.S. educators.

By donating Azure AI-optimized infrastructure, Microsoft enables Khan Academy to offer all K-12 educators in the U.S. free access to the Khanmigo for Teachers pilot program, supported by Azure OpenAI services.

K-12 education in the U.S. covers kindergarten through 12th grade. Khanmigo offers creative lesson planning and AI-driven suggestions and tools, reducing administrative burdens for teachers.

Within minutes, educators can generate customized lesson plans tailored to student needs.

Previously, teachers paid $4 monthly for Khanmigo. Khan Academy estimates these tools save teachers an average of five work hours per week.

The collaboration will also explore improving math tutoring AI tools using Microsoft’s new Phi-3 small language model family, offering scalable and adaptable solutions.

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Microsoft and Khan Academy Partner to Offer Free AI Assistant to U.S. Teachers

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