Microsoft Windows 10x might come soon!

The next generation focused operating system variant of Windows 10 has been in works since a long time!

We know that Microsoft is preparing for an extremely important Windows branch-Windows 10X.

Compared with the previous generation Windows 10, Windows 10X is mainly for mobile devices and other new forms of hardware, and the functional design and ecology will be different from the previous generation Windows 10.

microsoft windows surface laptop

Microsoft had previously announced that it would be launching the Surface Neo with Windows 10x. However, the Surface Neo, which is expected to be released at the end of 2020, now seems to have skipped tickets indefinitely or even cut off. When will Windows 10X arrive? What improvements will it bring? And let’s look at the latest reliable news.

According to a report from Windows Latest, in fact, Win10X had been finalized in December 2020, and it is now in the final revision and improvement process, which will be provided to hardware manufacturers later.

The current Win10X version number is Build 20280, which is a new version based on Win10 21H1. If the 20280 version meets the quality standards, then in the next few weeks, device manufacturers will start using the Intel platform to test this new system.

According to Microsoft’s plan, Microsoft will release Win10X in the spring of 2021 (between March and June). At the end of 2021 or early 2022, Microsoft will bring the first major version update to Win10X, which is based on Win10 21H2 update.

So what new features will Win10X bring?

Let’s start with the interface. The most obvious change in Win10X lies in the UI, such as the taskbar.

windows 10x taskbar update

In Win10X, the taskbar icon will be centered by default, which is different from Win10, which is currently aligned to the left by default.

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In addition, the mechanism of the Win10X taskbar will also be different. In addition to the icons fixed in the taskbar, the Win10X taskbar will also display the icons of the recently launched applications, which is a similar functionality to iOS and macOS.

In addition, Win10X’s taskbar can also display “running web pages”, which is not limited to running in the foreground or background.

In addition, the new features that Win10X can currently confirm include the following points.

·Multiple instances of the same App can be grouped under the same icon.

·Use new animation effects to highlight the focus of the taskbar.

·UI extension: When multiple apps are opened, the start menu will gently move to the left side of the taskbar.

·The taskbar has three sizes: small, medium and large.

·Support gestures, users can swipe up from any position of the taskbar to open the start menu.

Win10X represents Microsoft’s understanding of the future ecology and software and hardware interactions, but we have rarely seen new branches of Windows that have been successful in the market in recent years. We hope that Win10X will bring surprises instead of becoming a disappointment like the Windows RT.

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Microsoft Windows 10x might come soon!

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