How the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system will change the way you use your computer?

Everything new in the Microsoft Windows 11 OS!

According to the latest news on June 26, Microsoft will officially launch Windows 11 later this year. This is not only a refurbishment of the original operating system but also an attempt to bring the personal computer operating system closer to the way of working and communication in the post-epidemic era.

Microsoft adjusted the position of the start menu in the latest Windows 11 operating system, but users can also move it back. The iconic Windows start menu is located in the centre of the screen instead of the bottom left corner by default, which is just one aspect of the many adjustments made by the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system.

Microsoft not only built the Teams video chat service in Windows 11, but users can also run Android applications in Windows 11.

After a lapse of 6 years, Microsoft released a new version of the Windows operating system again, indicating that the company is still on the defensive in this regard. To date, Windows 10 is still the most popular operating system for personal computers, with approximately 1.3 billion people using Windows 10. However, in recent years, the market share of Windows 10 has been eroded by Google’s Chrome operating system and Apple’s Mac computer system.

microsoft windows 11 os update features

A market research firm IDC analyst said that in the first quarter of this year, Windows’ share of the global computer market fell from over 80% in 2020 to 75%. Although the decline in market share is due to the limited supply of Windows computers under the influence of the epidemic, it also shows that Windows has long-term challenges in attracting consumer interest. In the past ten years, smartphones have become the most important devices in most people’s lives, but the Windows system is not compatible with any smartphone.

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Now Microsoft has made a lot of adjustments to Windows 11, aiming to better run on touch screen computers with mobile tablet functions. Like Apple’s latest Mac computer, Windows 11 will also be able to run on computers equipped with ARM processors, which are more energy-efficient and do not dissipate much heat.

Although Microsoft hopes customers will like Windows 11, there are a large number of people who may not be interested in the new features. They just don’t want Microsoft to adjust the system they are already accustomed to.

In any case, the most important adjustment of Microsoft Windows 11 will change the way users use personal computers.

Adjustment of start menu position

In Windows 11, the start menu is no longer located in the lower-left corner of the desktop, which can be said to be the end of an era.

The new start menu is located in the middle of the bottom of the desktop, allowing users to quickly view fixed applications and applications recommended by the system based on user habits.

Windows 11 also has brand new working shortcuts. If users tend to open multiple applications and windows at the same time, they can hover the mouse over any window, so that the system will display different options to organize the screen window arrangement.

Users can also switch back and forth in completely different working environments. Users can use different desktops at home, school, and workplace, and they can synchronize their work in progress through the cloud. The user returns home after getting off work to turn on the laptop, and the arrangement of all information such as windows on the screen will still be the same as when working.

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Provide Android apps

Windows computers are now able to install Android applications. Android apps can also be found in the Windows 11 app store. But this is actually achieved in cooperation with the Amazon App Store. Users must log in separately with an Amazon account to download Android apps.

It is not clear how many people want to use Android apps on their personal computers. In the past, porting Android applications to Windows systems was technically tricky, and it was not popular with users. This time, Microsoft’s cooperation with Amazon to launch Android applications may help. The two companies had tried to combine the Cortana voice assistant with Amazon Alexa but failed.

In addition, the security of running Android applications in Windows 11 is also unknown. Can Microsoft catch and stop malicious software hidden in Android applications? Microsoft said that it can’t give any answers yet because the cooperation between the two companies has just begun.

Real-time updated information tools and news stream

Windows 11 also introduced a brand new information screen. Users can swipe from the left to access the widget panel, which makes Windows feel a bit like a phone or tablet. There are real-time updated applications such as weather, stocks, and calendar in the widget. Microsoft said that the final gadget will contain more content from content creators.

Microsoft will also introduce its own news stream in the widget panel, similar to Facebook’s news function. Microsoft said it will use artificial intelligence to analyze user preferences and select the news to display.

Built-in Teams

Microsoft is integrating Teams in Windows 11. Users can directly call Teams from the start menu to contact others and start chatting. If the person to be contacted does not use Teams, the user can also directly call the SMS service.

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Built-in Teams is a bold move for Microsoft. First, this may confuse those who are used to Skype. Secondly, competitor Slack accused Microsoft of integrating Teams for abusing its dominant position in the market. So can Slack be directly integrated into Windows 11 like Teams?

“Windows 11 absolutely runs Slack well,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s vice president.

Free download later this year

The final version of Windows 11 should be available around the 2021 holiday shopping season. Windows 10 users can get a free upgrade. Moreover, the basic code of Windows 11 is the same as that of Windows 10, so most applications and drivers will not crash.

Microsoft also stated that it will continue to provide support for Windows 10 until October 14, 2025.

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How the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system will change the way you use your computer?

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