Nvidia RTX 50 Series GPU Name Leaks: GB202-GB207

As per the latest report published on August 12 by VideoCardz, a prominent tech publication, some intriguing leaks have surfaced regarding the upcoming generation of Nvidia’s RTX 50 series graphics cards.

The leaked information discloses the names of the GPUs, namely GB202, GB203, GB205, GB206, and GB207, while interestingly omitting GB204. It appears that Nvidia has made a significant alteration in their GPU lineup by replacing the initial 04-level GPU with a new and improved 05-level GPU.

This modification could potentially be linked to Nvidia’s fresh market positioning strategy, which aims to redefine its approach in the industry.

Currently, Nvidia’s RTX 40 series graphics cards are equipped with the AD10x series of GPUs, comprising the AD102 (featuring an impressive 18432 CUDA cores), AD103 (with 10752 CUDA cores), AD104 (offering 7680 CUDA cores), AD106 (housing 4608 CUDA cores), and AD107 (with 3072 CUDA cores).

According to sources and previous reports, well-known online leaker Kopite7kimi has claimed that Nvidia’s forthcoming flagship gaming GPU model will support a remarkable 512-bit bit-wide video memory.

Notably, Samsung has recently announced that their GDDR7 memory is capable of achieving an impressive speed of 32 Gbps, allowing for a staggering bandwidth of 2 TB/s when combined with a 512-bit bit width.

However, it is important to note that Nvidia’s highly anticipated next-generation GPU is not expected to make its debut until the year 2025, as indicated by various sources and industry insiders.    

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Nvidia RTX 50 Series GPU Name Leaks: GB202-GB207

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