US Customers Get Two-Year Burn-In Protection on LG OLED Displays

As per an article on The Verge, Christopher De Maria, the director of consumer public relations for LG North America, has stated that LG is presently providing a two-year warranty against burn-in for its OLED gaming monitors within the United States.

According to the reports, LG has specified that this warranty policy exclusively encompasses burn-in issues that arise due to “normal and correct use,” while excluding instances of “product damage or failure caused by misuse or abuse.”

David Park, the director of product marketing at LG Electronics, further clarifies the matter by stating,

“Henceforth, as long as the monitor is utilized as intended within a residential setting (excluding commercial applications like retail signage displays), any occurrence of screen burn-in will be covered under warranty.”

lg ultragear oled official
Source: LG UltraGear OLED Official

By “normal use,” it is meant that the product is employed for its designated purpose, such as professional or casual gaming, desktop usage on Windows, and similar applications.

According to previous reports from reliable sources, numerous manufacturers have utilized LG’s 26.5-inch OLED panel to create their own displays, and the warranty policies of these different manufacturers may vary.

In May of this year, KTC, a manufacturer, announced an upgraded warranty for its OLED display, the G27P6.

lg jd dot com translated text
(The original conversation was in Chinese which we have translated for our users.)

Furthermore, even LG’s self-operated store customer service in China has elaborated on the burn-in warranty of the 27GR95QE OLED by replying to a person as shown in the above image.

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US Customers Get Two-Year Burn-In Protection on LG OLED Displays

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