OnePlus 6 Review After a Month of Usage: Real Flagship killer?

Best sub $500 Android smartphone?

Is the OnePlus 6 worth something that you would spend 35k rupees on it? Is it the best flagship smartphone out there right now or are there some other options that you should be on the lookout for?

So, for our OnePlus 6 review, we are going to discuss whether the OnePlus 6 is the best sub $500 Android smartphone or not!

Inside the Official box, there’s a lot of branding all over the top and bottom and the overall packaging has remained the same for the past few generations, which is a good thing! Inside there’s the dash charger (adaptor + USB type C cable)  which is still one of the fastest mobile charging systems available.

There’s a soft silicone cover also present in the box but sadly there are no earphones.

The Design

oneplus 6 display specifications

OnePlus did not go with a quad HD display for this smartphone, it’s just a full HD plus display at 6.28 inch, 402 PPI, and is an optic AMOLED panel. It looks quite good, has a good contrast ratio, and does feel quite smooth to the touch and overall I felt that it was nice.

Even in bright sunlight conditions, I was able to use the smartphone easily, so that’s something good.  The mirror black variant that I reviewed was quite glossy, and shiny, and catches a lot of fingerprints.

If you talk about the design changes at the back, there’s the fingerprint sensor, the size of which has been reduced right now. There’s a minor camera bump on the back.

There’s no wireless charging support despite the glass back so that’s a con. There is a dual-tone LED flash at the back along with the OnePlus branding. The power button and the alert slider are present on the right-hand side of this smartphone and the design is great as always.

All the buttons are clicky and this time around the priority slider has been remapped and it’s quite easier to go to the silent mode now. The reduced fingerprint sensor size makes it difficult to reach it sometimes and this was one of the biggest issues that I faced during my OnePlus 6 review.

At the bottom, you get the 3.5 mm jack and the USB type C port, speaker grill and on the left-hand side, there’s the sim tray for this one along with the volume rocker. The antenna bands are also quite visible and overall I didn’t have any issues with the design for this phone.

oneplus 6 specifications and price

OnePlus 6 Specifications: 

It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6 or 8GB of RAM,128 GB, 64 was on point. It can run even the most demanding apps with ease. I found out that if you use it in warm environments you would find that this smartphone does heat up a lot but normally when you are below 30 degrees to 35 degrees, it won’t heat up that much. So overall heating issues are dependent upon the conditions that you are in. The existence of a glass back instead of a metal back makes the heat dispassion a little bit difficult.

The Oxygen os experience was smooth and it’s one of the cleanest Android skins out there. The OnePlus 6 is not as fast as the Exynos chipset-based Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but still, it holds up its own amongst the top performers from the Android ecosystem.

The navigation gestures that have been used on the Oxygen OS are okay but they are not as fast as something is seen on iPhone X.

OnePlus 6 camera:

It has a dual 16MP+20MP sensor, the 16 MP one has an f/1.7 aperture and a 1/2.6 inch sensor size at 1.22 micrometers it has got a good pixel size. Gyro EIS is supported on this one as well as OIS, the 20MP sensor is 1/2.8 inches and has 1-micrometer pixel size. I felt that similar apertures for both lenses did not work quite well. The images are good, there’s a lot of dynamic range present here but the sharpness could have been a bit a little bit better.

A lot of the images that I shot were not as great as I wanted them to be and framing the images sometimes took a lot of time and effort as opposed to something like the previous gen smartphones by OnePlus like the OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T which were quite good in this regard.

The overall image quality was acceptable to a great degree but I had very high expectations from OnePlus at this point in time and the OnePlus 6 slightly disappointed me. 4K videos at 60 fps is a welcome move. Also, the front camera could definitely have been better.

oneplus 6 design and build

Talking about the audio quality, at the maximum possible volume the speaker sounded a little bit distorted, but I felt that the audio could definitely have been better. There’s a lot of cost cutting here and there on this phone and it does manifest itself in these small things.

There is the midnight black and mirror black and then there’s the Silk white Edition which is my favourite. The device comes with a 3300mAh battery and frankly it does last. I was easily able to push this smartphone up to 7 or 8 pm till evening when I had charged it to 100% in the morning. And add to this the fact that dash charge can easily charge this smartphone under 40 minutes or so, that makes it quite a sweet deal.

If we focus on the mirror black edition, it catches a lot of fingerprints, gets dirty very easily and if you’re going to use the smartphone without a case you might find yourself in trouble. Regular features like zoom to fill etc. are present on this smartphone.

The OnePlus experience:

This smartphone is still one of the fastest smartphones around. EverythingApplePro did a comparison video with the iPhone X and he concluded that because of the fast animations and overall general better performance, the OnePlus 6 was a faster smartphone than the iPhone X in a lot of applications and also the 8 GB RAM certainly helps. One of the key design features that I really liked is the fact that the display was slightly curved at the top and the bottom and there’s also the notification LED present on this smartphone.

So I felt that the overall OnePlus 6 is a great package, but there are issues with this phone like the camera is still not really up to the mark, the navigation gestures are not as smooth yet and if we talk about the whole OnePlus promise, most probably there would be a OnePlus 6T within 3-4 months or so and then the OnePlus 6 would be outdated. So, that’s one of the biggest cons of this phone.

Also, the rate at which OnePlus smartphones are getting costlier day by day, year by year that makes it a little bit difficult to recommend for people who might want to hold on to it for a very very long term. But this is one of the fastest smartphones in the price segment around and is overall quite value for money deal.

So if you are somebody who is going to buy a new smartphone and using something which is one year old or even the OnePlus 5 or previous generations smartphones than I would highly recommend this smartphone. Otherwise, if you’re somebody who’s into flagships then you would get disappointed with the camera experience. But overall, it’s one of the best and greatest that Android has to offer right now. 

OnePlus 6 review videos:

Here’s our OnePlus 6 review video for those who don’t want to read so much.

And for those who love to watch in Hindi, here’s our OnePlus 6 review in Hindi:

So that was it for our OnePlus 6 review. Would you buy this phone? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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OnePlus 6 Review After a Month of Usage: Real Flagship killer?

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