Snapchat copies Instagram, Boomerang coming to Snapchat as Bounce!

Role reversal, eh?

It seems that Snapchat is lending some of the features of Instagram for the first time in a while.

Snapchat is currently testing a feature that lets the users create looping Boomerang-style videos. This feature will be called as ‘BOUNCE’ and is being tested in the beta version of the app and is not publically available.

This feature was created around one year ago but it was not able to create Boomerang-like effects.

The new feature ‘BOUNCE’ brings Snapchat version closer to the Instagram’s Boomerang.

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snapchat bounce feature instagram copy
Bounce feature at work!

The option appears alongside the other video playback tools and by using a slider you can select a portion of the video to bounce. The clip will play forward and backwards in a loop similar to Instagram’s boomerang.

A Snapchat spokesperson confirmed the app is testing the bounce feature with some users but didn’t say when it might launch globally.

When the feature will be launched, it would be an interesting reversal of roles as Instagram is known for constantly copying features from Snapchat.

So this was it for today. What do you think about the new Snapchat’s upcoming feature?? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Snapchat copies Instagram, Boomerang coming to Snapchat as Bounce!

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