Opera Supports Windows on ARM: Enhanced Performance & Battery Life

Opera now natively supports Windows on ARM, offering doubled performance and enhanced battery life with new developer version downloads.

Opera Browser Now Natively Supports Windows on ARM for Enhanced Performance and Battery Life

As of May 16, 2024, the Opera browser has introduced native support for the Windows on ARM system. Users can now download a new developer version specifically designed for ARM64 architecture on Windows devices.

Opera’s enhancement for ARM has been tested to deliver performance scores double those of emulator versions, according to the official blog. This advancement aims to provide users with the best possible experience, particularly on the latest ARM-based Windows computers.

The cooperation between Microsoft’s App Assure team and Qualcomm has been instrumental in achieving over double the operational speed on the newest generation of computers. Opera is committed to optimizing performance across all devices, including those powered by the latest Snapdragon processors.

Not only does Opera for ARM offer faster performance, but it also brings improved energy efficiency. The integration of Snapdragon’s energy-saving design with Opera’s built-in battery saver mode allows for extended battery life per charge, benefiting users with ARM chipset computers.

Currently, the Opera browser for Windows on ARM is available only through the developer channel, with a stable version expected to be released soon.

Microsoft and Qualcomm are preparing to launch a series of AI personal computers featuring Snapdragon X processors later this year, positioning them as competitors to Apple’s M series processors.

This initiative is supported by developers, as evidenced by Google’s recent release of a native ARM64 architecture version of the Chrome browser, a significant development for the world’s most popular browser.

The first batch of AI personal computers with Snapdragon X chips will be showcased at a Microsoft event on May 20.

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Opera Supports Windows on ARM: Enhanced Performance & Battery Life

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