Sam Altman Plans to Restructure OpenAI as For-Profit Company

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman considers restructuring OpenAI into a for-profit company to attract investors and align interests, aiming to secure $100 billion funding.

On May 30, The Information reported that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is contemplating restructuring OpenAI into a for-profit company to address the conflict between its non-profit status and its revenue-generating business.

According to an insider who spoke with Altman, one possibility is converting OpenAI into a for-profit entity. Altman has discussed this idea, and some investors expressed their desire for Altman to receive equity to ensure his interests align with the company’s business.

Altman believes that to attract substantial funding, the company must provide incentives to investors. Without a for-profit status, OpenAI cannot offer such incentives, hindering its goal of attracting $100 billion (approximately 726 billion RMB) in funds.

As major tech companies rush to invest in AI, it is essential for OpenAI to transform into a for-profit company to secure significant investments.

Recently, a potential collaboration between OpenAI and Apple has been seen as an opportunity to enhance OpenAI’s technology. Reports indicate discussions about integrating OpenAI’s technology into Apple’s AI voice assistant, Siri, to help answer more complex questions.

This collaboration is expected to be announced at Apple’s annual developer conference from June 10-14.

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Sam Altman Plans to Restructure OpenAI as For-Profit Company

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