Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : The entry level monster

Nokia has come up with it’s latest budget offering – Nokia Asha 210. For a phone which costs a meager 72$ i.e. Rs. 3,850 approx. it’s a hell of a phone. And sports a design that looks inspired from the Lumia from tip to toe. The available colors are similar to the Lumia series i.e. White, Magenta, yellow, cyan and black. Nokia had already given a hint of this upcoming release in a blog post earlier this week. The device has a dedicated social networking key : Whatsapp key for Asian and African users, and Facebook key for European users. Read on the full review to get a good idea of Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price, it certainly is beyond the competition in the entry level phones.

Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : Details –

This time a complete upgrade is shown with this offering by Nokia. We bring to you a step by step breakdown of the features and a detailed analysis of Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price and also whether it’s worth buying or not.

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Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price: Build and Design .

Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price yellow
Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : Notice the dedicated Whatsapp key,


The Nokia Asha 210 sports a polycarbonate finish. The keyboard has a beautiful chalky texture. It has a very premium feel to it. The QWERTY keyboard is very easy to use. The four rows light up when used. The space bar can be used for toggling between WI-FI on and WI-FI off. Though the keyboard is  a bit too cramped but it’s very user friendly once you get the hang of it. The phone is 4.39 inches tall, 0.46 inches thick and is 2.36 inches wide. It weighs 97.24 grams, and is very lightweight and easy for one handed use.
The phone is colorful just like it’s Lumia counterparts. Beautiful color options and a vivid color scheme in the OS, makes it a lively choice for those venturing out in the world of mobiles for the first time.

You are reading : Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : The entry level monster.

Display of Nokia Asha 210 :

The Nokia Asha 210 has a 2.4  inch QVGA display with a modest resolution of 320×240. Expecting HD at such a price point would be a stretch. But still the clarity of the screen is amazing. The UI elements and menu icons are swish. Navigating wouldn’t be much of a problem unless you are a touch screen fanatic.

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OS , Hardware , Camera of Nokia Asha 210 :

The Nokia Asha 210 comes with Series 40 Symbian OS with Asha UI . Social networks are very deeply integrated into the device with Facebook and twitter access right away from the home screen. The UI takes hints of inspiration from Windows family and modifies it a bit further. The Asha 210 comes loaded with Nokia’s cloud based data compression enabled Xpress browser, and loads of pre-installed freebies. And a premium games subscription pack of 15 games. It also has support for web apps and YouTube streaming is supported.

The Asha 210 has a chip which is somewhere under 1 GHz. Though we strongly feel it can hold its own against the budget androids.

The rear shooter is 2megapixel, and there’s no front camera. Although the megapixel count is less. But from our general experience we know that Nokia’s cameras are  very clear. It comes with Self-portrait and options are there to share photos on social networks from within the Camera app.
The phone comes in two variants Single sim and Dual sim. It has 64 MB of flash storage. It can be expanded up to 32 GB using Micro SD card.

You are reading : Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : The entry level monster.

Network, Battery life, dedicated features :

The battery life is what got us drooling. Nokia Asha 210 comes with a 1200 mAH battery. As claimed by Nokia the battery would last up to 46 days on standby on the Single sim version. And on the dual sim version the battery is expected to last 24 days . It has 12 hours of talk-time.

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Dedicated features of Nokia Asha 210 : The device comes with a dedicated green Whatsapp key, world’s first device to have this feature. In European markets it will be replaced by a blue Facebook key.

Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price facebook variant
Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price: The Facebook Variant


The best thing about the bundled Whatsapp service is that it will be lifetime subscription i.e. no extra yearly renewal charges. Pay once and use for a lifetime. 😀

Whatsapp has a monthly user base of 200 million active people. This much number of users in itself is staggering. And if even a fragment of new or existing users decide to shift to Nokia then it’s a win-win situation for both the companies.

“On a market by market basis we will have either Whatsapp or Facebook,” said Neil Broadley, marketing director for Nokia’s mobile phones division.

You are reading : Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price : The entry level monster.

According to Broadley, there may also exist a possibility for a different phone catering to Chinese user base. Because China doesn’t have that deep Whatsapp or Facebook Usage. Rather their focus is on homegrown social networks. Which in itself is a commendable strategy.

The phone’s space bar wi-fi toggle is also another exciting feature.

Check out this Youtube video for more info on Nokia Asha 210 specifications and price :

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  1. nice phone can’t wait to get one when will the asha 210 be sold in the rep of Ireland or even England and ruffly how much will it cost

  2. Please clarify when the asha210 will be available in the UK .this seems to be a bit of a mystery. Look forsward to your reply.

  3. Bro is there any option of keeping data connection off on this phone. As the previous
    E series phones lacked this feature.

  4. Sir please can you give me a detailed review on its QWERTY?how are the keys,and what are they made of,how is the typing??? and also is its qwerty better than other asha's? c3 vs 210 vs E5 how do you rate asha's qwerty among them…is it better or worse…Please sir please provide us a detailed overview of its qwerty

  5. I’m getting this phone tomorrow. I have a Nokia Lumia 520 but typing on a glass screen isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The problem is that manufacturers are neglecting qwerty phones. They don’t realise there is still demand for these among people who use their phones to message other people a lot. No matter how good you get on a touchscreen, you’ll never come close to being as fast on a full keyboard. I tried it out in the Nokia showroom the other day, and the keys seemed a bit hard for my taste (they might even stress my wrist, who knows). It also seemed a bit too slow, with each letter appearing on the screen with a little lag as I typed. But there aren’t really other competitors apart from blackberries, so the 210 it is.

      • Thanks, Aditya! I really love what they’ve done to facebook for feature phones. You can chat in real time on the basic applications, while when I’m on facebook on my Lumia, I have to continuously refresh the message box to see if I’ve got any new chat messages. Amazing how feature phones are able to provide a better experience than smartphones sometimes (specially in the battery department)!


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