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  1. it is an awsm phone and its features are mind blowing ……… It is a gr8 choice 4 teen agers in less price

  2. Thanks for providng info brother…
    and one thing plz let me know when will this handset available in market..

    1. On wi-fi everything is great. On Edge connection with Airtel too streaming is not a problem. Can’t say about the rest network providers. 😀
      Stay inspired to rise! Keep visiting!

  3. nice phone can’t wait to get one when will the asha 210 be sold in the rep of Ireland or even England and ruffly how much will it cost

  4. Please clarify when the asha210 will be available in the UK .this seems to be a bit of a mystery. Look forsward to your reply.

  5. Bro is there any option of keeping data connection off on this phone. As the previous
    E series phones lacked this feature.

  6. Sir please can you give me a detailed review on its QWERTY?how are the keys,and what are they made of,how is the typing??? and also is its qwerty better than other asha's? c3 vs 210 vs E5 how do you rate asha's qwerty among them…is it better or worse…Please sir please provide us a detailed overview of its qwerty

  7. Can i pause any app and go back into it like coming to home screen in android and going back to the app where i paused it?

  8. I’m getting this phone tomorrow. I have a Nokia Lumia 520 but typing on a glass screen isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The problem is that manufacturers are neglecting qwerty phones. They don’t realise there is still demand for these among people who use their phones to message other people a lot. No matter how good you get on a touchscreen, you’ll never come close to being as fast on a full keyboard. I tried it out in the Nokia showroom the other day, and the keys seemed a bit hard for my taste (they might even stress my wrist, who knows). It also seemed a bit too slow, with each letter appearing on the screen with a little lag as I typed. But there aren’t really other competitors apart from blackberries, so the 210 it is.

      1. Thanks, Aditya! I really love what they’ve done to facebook for feature phones. You can chat in real time on the basic applications, while when I’m on facebook on my Lumia, I have to continuously refresh the message box to see if I’ve got any new chat messages. Amazing how feature phones are able to provide a better experience than smartphones sometimes (specially in the battery department)!

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