Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus specs and price

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus is the twin sister of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but with a beauty spot of little tweaked features. Here’s a quick sneak peek into the device which has been recently launched worldwide as well as in India.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Overview

Design and Display

As compared to S6 Edge, the size and display of the device has been upgraded to S6 Edge Plus. The 5.7 inch display along with 12×5 size, the phone qualifies for a phablet. But then if you want to use the one hand function, you are calling trouble. S6 Edge plus has Gorilla Glass 4, on both front and back side which gives the device an amazing and sleek finished look. S6 Edge Plus is not curved on its side, and has more sharp edges. Overall, the design is stylish enough for any user to carry, but then it is a little slippery and lacks grip, thanks to awkwardly large size.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), but its ppi is 518 pixels per inch and not even higher due to this being spread over a large area of display. The display is AMOLED which gives you proper brightness along with sharp details combined with versatile colour palette. Deeper blacks and better battery saving as compared to IPS LCD displays.

Software and Battery:

The S6 Edge plus comes with an Octa-core 7420 Exynos processor, similar to the Note 5. There is 4 GB RAM available. There is only 32 GB and 64 GB options available no external upgrade via microSD card. The overall performance of the phone can be judged via hands on review, but then looking at available specs, the phone might not give any issues related to multi app usage and storage space, thanks to Exynos 7420. It gives you four processors each with 2.1GHz and 1.5GHz, turning it into a power house. Such specs will obviously increase the multitasking potential though real world tests are still left to be done by us on this unit.

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One of the weirdest features of S6 Edge Plus is the optional physical keyboard, which is like a tacky hybrid of Samsung keyboard combined with a physical blackberry style keyboard. This might not get along with many users and they will eventually settle for the non physical touch based keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus specs and price first impressions

The battery available in the S6 Edge plus is only 3,000 mAh, which is a downgrade from S6 Edge’s 3200 mAh. There is a fast charge option available. For urgent situations, if you charge your phone only 10 minutes, the phone will charged enough to run for four hours.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus comes with a 16 MP front camera which might be refreshing change from other phablet camera options available. The camera has feature of optical image stabilization and Sony IMX240 sensor with an aperture of f/1.9, available at both front and back camera. The front camera is 5MP and it’s specs is upgraded to match the perfect selfie clicking specs.

The most sought out feature in camera segment is Live Streaming via YouTube directly from your S6 Edge device. This can be done by sharing link directly with the party with whom you want to share it.

Here is our previous video of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in case you want to refresh your memories.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus specs and price

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