Best Indian and worldwide Blogging Communities, a full roundup

It’s easy to open a blog, but what’s hard is to maintain the traffic and reach as many people as you can. And not just random people, people who would be interested in reading and discussing topics that you curate. Social media sharing and bookmarking sites are not enough, what you need is a community which can share and discuss your blog posts so that you get the recognition along with desired traffic. So today at Inspire2rise here are a few of the Best Indian and worldwide Blogging Communities which you can join to help you reach the desired traffic results.

Best Indian and Worldwide Blogging communities: The list.

1.) IndiBlogger

Indiblogger Indian blogger community

IndiBlogger is one of the biggest blogger communities of India. Every top notch blogger and all the ones who have recently started make sure to get registered on it to have a massive reach and good amount of traffic. But rules to join this community are pretty stringent, they don’t prefer to have people in their community who use plagiarized content, not even miniscule amount of it. But once you are in, you are in for good. Bloggers meet and many other great events also take place for networking purposes.

2.) BlogAdda

Blogadda online blogging community

BlogAdda is the second best community to join if you are an Indian Blogger. They provide with services like blogger meets and other networking opportunities. But along with that, they also give you a chance to be recognized widely. One such example is of #Win15, a recently launched annual awards function which celebrates top bloggers of India in various categories.

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3.) Warrior Forum

Warriorforum online internet marketing community
Best Indian and worldwide Blogging Communities: WarriorForum is as old as it gets!

Established since 1997, Warrior Forum is the veteran when it comes marketing tips and other blogging tips. They have a staggering amount of 166,167 members and almost whenever you login, you can see minimum 2,000 people online! Which means when you contribute, you have pretty high chances to drive traffic to your site and engage with users regarding you queries.

They also have a separate forum known as Mind Warrior where they discuss self-improvement topics widely.

4.) Wicked Fire:

Wicked fire online affiliate marketing community

Wicked Fire is for people who want to turn into an affiliate marketing person. This forum can provide you with all the information like PPC (Pay per click) and CPA (Cost per action). But there is a little hiccup. You need to be really smart when you post stuff here. Because stupidity is not allowed. You are not

allowed to ask dumb questions. They will mock you, humiliate you and then stop giving attention to you. But if you are a beginner, make sure to join this forum so as to soak in as much as you can related to affiliate marketing.

5.) BlogEngage

blogengage online blogging community

One of the most popular ones in Blogosphere, BlogEngage has about 4,000 active bloggers on its network. But one of the biggest disadvantages with it is that’s it’s not free. You have to pay a certain amount to be its member. But then existing members always claim that it is a one-time investment only. Then you simply step into the world of awesomeness.

6.) Blog Mint

Blogmint online blogging community
Best Indian and worldwide Blogging Communities: Blogmint is a breather for those looking to monetize their digital assets!

BlogMint is an influencer marketing platform and though it’s not a blogging community in traditional sense it does offer few features that make it noteworthy. You can earn via doing Sponsored tweets, Sponsored videos and blog posts for brands and get paid for your digital influence. All in all it’s one of the most transparent ways to monetize your digital assets without scratching your head too much. And Blogmint sponsored events often keep taking place so it’s good in terms of socializing and meeting other fellow bloggers too!

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7.) Facebook Groups

Facebook adds news classification buttons

There are many online forums and blogging communities present on Facebook like Bagics – Bloggers community, Premium Tricks by IftiSEO and a lot more which help bloggers to get their queries solved and contribute to each other in any way possible. They are one of the best ways to learn blogging and apart from that the members are all real people who are Bloggers/Internet marketers themselves and once you are on Facebook you can simply make your browsing time more productive by being part of groups like these!

Steps to get the most out of any Blogging community

Many of us are mistaken when it comes to joining a blogging community. We have all made mistakes when we have joined a community but never paid much attention to contributing towards it. We make a lot if mistakes, and eventually before we realize we are thrown out. To make sure that doesn’t happen, here are quick tips to make your presence felt in the community:

1. Sole promotion will not work:

If you join a community and just back link your site without actually contributing, you will be simply thrown out! So make sure to ask relevant and good questions from time to time and participate as much as you can.

2. Follow the rules:

Not every forum is same. And so are their rules. So make sure read all the rules and regulation before you actually start contributing on the site.

3. Don’t post junk:

Before posting anything, make sure to search for it. Many communities save these search results so that members don’t have to go through the same thing again and again. So before you decide to irritate fellow members, do a quick search regarding the query you want to post.

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4. It’s all about contributing:

Don’t just pass on any question, which you might have an answer to. The soul for every community is members engagement. Otherwise, it loses its purpose of creation. So make sure to engage and answer as much as you can on a topic which you know answers to.

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Best Indian and worldwide Blogging Communities, a full roundup

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! It’s really good source of information. It will definitely help me as blogger and people who want to grow their websites.

  2. That’s a very comprehensive list that you have put together! I am a member of Indiblogger community already and I know why it tops the list 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing it here and well as of now I am part of Indiblogger from a long time. Haven’t thought of joining any other site yet.

  4. Excellent post! not just for traffic .. joining the related blogging communities will help in learning lot of things and knowledge about blogging and meet the pro bloggers where we can share our doubts. I am following some blogging forums and I have joined some social networking communities also and in my experience I learned many things through connecting with seniors. Thanks for sharing Aditya!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! It’s really good source of information. It will definitely help me as blogger and people who want to grow their websites.


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