Tesla Supercharger Network Achieves 99.97% Uptime in 2023

Tesla’s Supercharger network reached a record 99.97% uptime in 2023, reflecting significant improvements in reliability.

Tesla’s “2023 Impact Report” reveals that the global average uptime of the Supercharger network has reached 99.97%.

Tesla Supercharger

This marks a significant improvement from previous years: 99.90% in 2019, 99.74% in 2020, 99.96% in 2021, and 99.95% in 2022.

Elon Musk highlighted that while expanding the Supercharger network isn’t currently Tesla’s top priority, the company aims to achieve 100% stability in existing facilities.

Despite strategic shifts, Tesla plans to invest over $500 million (approximately 3.625 billion RMB) this year to expand its Supercharger network.

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Tesla Supercharger Network Achieves 99.97% Uptime in 2023

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