Buying refurbished or used goods, head to TogoFogo

These days buying new goods all the time can be a really daunting task as you might not want to spend all of your money on a new thing that costs a bomb but a second hand deal or deal on a refurbished product might change your mind. This is the exact place where fits in, it’s an online marketplace which allows users to sell or buy used goods, unboxed/excess goods, refurbished or quality certified pre-owned tablets and mobiles. All of the products which are sold on TogoFogo go through a rigorous quality check test which is known as the QUTrust, and all of them are covered by a warranty which is managed by their partner Warranty Bazaar. The sellers from all over get a full fledged marketplace based environment to sell their goods through TogoFogo’s online platform.

What’s in it for the sellers?

Sellers get to leverage TogoFogo’s huge integrated logistics support and get an access to a Pan -India Market.

What’s in for the buyers?

The buyers get an online destination where they can shop at bargain prices and be assured that the products they receive are of top notch quality.

Offerings of TogoFogo:

  • An exhaustive quality check test for each and every product consisting of 75 points, also known as QUTrust.
  • Warranty on each and every product.
  • Pan-India level offerings with support for cross-city transactions.
  • Support for different payment options, such as online payment or cash on delivery.
  • A hassle free return policy with 3 days time period.
  • Full transparency for all transactions.
  • Support via chat, email and even telephone support.

What do they sell?

They sell refurbished goods, used goods as well as unboxed goods. By refurbished goods we mean to imply that the goods were faulty and then repaired by the manufacturers but not yet sold. Unboxed goods are non faulty but have been returned by buyers because of undisclosed reasons and used goods in excellent condition are also sold on TogoFogo.

Why do they sell such goods?

This is often because of the fact that many consumers want to buy premium quality goods but not at their original asking price point. For example a person might want to buy a used iPhone just for the sake of using an iOS device. So rather than buying a new iPhone which might actually cost them a bomb they can get a refurbished or unboxed device which is as good as new but still costs less and is a good quality product. This is one of the primary reasons why Togo Fogo is the need of the online market place these days.

Who can sell on TogoFogo?

Any one can sell unboxed goods, excess stock products on Togo Fogo or pre owned devices but they should pass the quality control tests and even individual sellers cna sell their goods on TogoFogo with ease.

Things I need to know as a buyer

  • TogoFogo offers 100% money back guarantee in case the buyer isn’t satisfied.
  • To ensure timely delivery of products TogoFogo has partnered with all the best logistics providers in India.
  • Everything is covered by a warranty issued by which is one of the leading warranty solution providers in India.

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Buying refurbished or used goods, head to TogoFogo

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  1. Plz. Do not buy anything or any mobiles from this website. is expert to cheat a customer in order to buy any refurbished mobile phones. I bought refurbished Nokia mobile but mobile screen is dead. I complaint so many time but they did not respond anymore. If you are new customer on this website and looking refurbished or 2nd hand mobile please do not buy on this website. Otherwise you will face problem like me.


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