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  1. i can’t find the flip cover mention in this article whether it yellow/grey/blue. tried everything i’m using this tab for 3 to 4 month so kindly anyone send me the link from where you have brought or found the exact flip cover

  2. I am about to discourage of this kind of device. I bought this this device just for my class of clans game. Unfortunately after 1 month used video can’t support to my game I played. Everytime I want to open the app was rebooted and crushed. Do you have any idea how to fix this problem? Please help.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. I have upgraded this device to lollipop but i cannot edit my data on sd card ……and also the data in an otg pen drive cannot be edited ,copy,paste or delete…. And when i connect my device to pc internal storage is not visible.. And las there was no file manager left…. I have downloded the file manager from play store… Can i fix this problem..

    1. The reason is that I need to change the touch digitilizer but can’t find one for A7-10. But there are many for A7-10

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