USB4 specifications out now, merges ThunderBolt 3 & USB specification!

Transfer speeds of upto 40 Gbps achieved!

USB C has become the USB standard of choice for almost all of the gadgets now. From modern smartphones to laptops like the MacBook Pro lineup by Apple. All now come with USB C support. But there’s an underlying problem and it’s the fact that not all USB C ports are created equal. A lot of them may come with Thunderbolt support plus USB 3-speed support and a lot more. While many USB C ports are still stuck in age-old power and data delivery speeds. Recently USB4 specifications for the latest version of USB were published by the USB Implementers Forum. The specifications shed a clear light on what new can be expected from the next-gen USB architecture.

usb4 specifications and details out

USB4 improves upon the current USB architecture i.e. the USB 3.2 2X2 which is USB-C and the USB 2.0 architecture. USB4 architecture employs the use of Thunderbolt and thereby doubles the max bandwidth possible for USB. This makes sure that USB4 can be used for a lot of simultaneous data + display protocols.

The key features for the USB4 architecture are:

  • Supports 40Gb/s speeds which is twice the current maximum speed.
  • Is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.2
  • 2 lane operation using existing Type C cables would be possible.

USB4 would use the similar connector design to USB-C hence there won’t be a need to manufacture new USB-4 ports for devices.

The latest MacBooks by Apple already employ the usage of Thunderbolt 3 along with USB-C. This means that most of the existing Apple users are already enjoying USB4 speeds. But soon Thunderbolt speeds would become the default with the USB4 and so the prices for devices with support for such speeds would go down drastically.

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The USB4 specifications etc. are complete now but it would definitely take some time before we get to see final devices which take advantage of this newer standard. Expect to see devices with USB4 by late 2020 or after that time period.

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USB4 specifications out now, merges ThunderBolt 3 & USB specification!

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