Vivo Unveils Game-Changing 6nm Imaging Chip V3: Now With 4K Movie Portrait Video!

Android Videography takes a leap forward!

News on July 30th: vivo’s thrilling imaging festival featured a grand event today, where they unveiled their groundbreaking self-developed imaging chip V3.

Reports reveal that the V3 chip boasts a state-of-the-art 6nm process technology, resulting in an impressive 30% increase in energy efficiency compared to its predecessor.

The chip’s remarkable multi-concurrent AI perception-ISP architecture and second-generation FIT interconnection system significantly reduce power consumption while enhancing algorithm performance. Additionally, the V3 chip seamlessly integrates with the SoC, allowing for flexible deployment of algorithms.

Alongside the V3 chip launch, vivo introduced the first-ever 4K movie portrait video for Android devices, boasting movie-level bokeh blur, skin quality optimization, and color processing. Users can now achieve 4K-level shooting on Android and take advantage of a post-editing function to manipulate focus like a professional cinematographer non-destructively.

Moreover, in collaboration with Zeiss, vivo has equipped the next-generation X-series flagship model’s main camera with the new Zeiss T* coating featuring Multi-ALD technology.

This innovation significantly reduces lens reflectivity, enhancing picture capturing performance and delivering crystal-clear images.

vivo imaging chip v3 based on 6nm

Excitingly, vivo plans to continue working with Zeiss, promising to launch a telephoto lens meeting the “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standard in the future, offering superior zoom performance and quality with creamy blur effects thanks to floating lens group technology.

In their 3D imaging laboratory in Chongqing, vivo has achieved a remarkable film-level light field system capable of rendering highly realistic virtual environments.

They’ve focused on developing three major portrait 3D perception algorithms to accurately capture facial expressions, human body gestures, and gesture interactions.

Embracing AIGC algorithms, vivo explores high-quality virtual content creation in portrait shooting scenes. This allows users to experience various natural and harmonious virtual scenes alongside real-life photos, with rich portrait attribute editing options like lighting, age, hairstyle, and expressions.

As part of their innovation, vivo introduced “vivo texture color,” a feature that offers rich colour and delicate colour gradation transitions, enabling independent colour adjustments and paying homage to traditional classics.

The X90 series has already received an OTA upgrade for this feature, while the X80 series, vivo X Fold 2, and X Flip flagship folding phones are set to receive the update in September, elevating the texture and colour in images.

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Vivo Unveils Game-Changing 6nm Imaging Chip V3: Now With 4K Movie Portrait Video!

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