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Motorola, was one of the most popular mobile companies in the past decades. But due to sudden market fall and powerful competitors like Samsung, Sony and HTC who were just capturing the market. This company died almost.

By taking the advantage of the situation Google bought this company in a deal. Google surely played the ace taking too much risk by taking an almost dead company under it. Google boosted Motorola giving it the required push and they started again in the market to recapture  all the status and name it once had.

With the support from a company like Google , Motorola relaunched as Motorola Mobility a Google company and showed its masterpieces like Moto G , Moto X and then Moto E.
They all are one of finest pieces of Moto hardware with Google’s Android software.

Reading: Moto G 2014 specifications and price in India

Moto E is the phone for the economic class , its made for them only. Keeping every small details in mind Motorola launched Moto E. Economy class people wanted to get the best at lowest , and Moto provided them with the best. Though there’s another good competitor out there, which is the Redmi 1S by Xiaomi, which is similar value for money smartphone.

Moto G is the phone for the mid range segment. Its made by keeping everything which the middle class people deserve. Almost all phones which lied under 20K failed to compete with moto G , whether in terms of quality or features. Only Xiaomi has been able to give the Motorola smartphone some good competition with it’s Xiaomi MI3, which is a good offering in the sub 20k price segment.

Then obviously there’s the masterpiece Moto X. It was the best amongst the new Moto range and the flagship model with enhanced voice recognition and working capabilities. It gives a tough competition to every good phone, below the 30k series.
Moto X contains every feature a high class phone should have, along with special voice commands courtesy Google Now.
This phone is for the performance seekers, the business class and those who are looking for balanced high end smartphone. This phone can be compared with any phone in terms of style, features and class.

Motorola needed to amp up their game quickly in response to the threat posed by Xiaomi with it’s phones like the Redmi 1s, MI3 and the MI4. So now Motorola has launched the Moto G advanced version Moto g 2nd gen .

The users of Moto G were not satisfied with its screen size as well as camera quality. The second generation Moto g 2014 version comes with a 5 inch screen and 8 MP camera which will surely ease up the woes of the Moto phone users.

Moto G 2014 specifications and price in India: The details.

• 5 inch screen HD resolution

• 8 MP rear camera

• 1 GB RAM

• Powerful 1.2 Ghz quad-core Snap dragon 400 processor. (Though it feels a little dated now, and something better would have been jaw dropping!)

• Front Dual speakers with high audio fidelity.

• Micro SD card slot.

• Adreno 305 GPU.

• Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

• And one of most surprising is the price .
Its 12,999 Indian rupees. 

Reading: Moto G 2014 specifications and price in India

They increased everything and kept the price constant. This is something which will draw in the maximum number of users. A good smartphone in such a price is very rare , comparing the features and surely the quality , phones under 20k surely get ashamed now. The MI3 is no longer on sale so Moto G 2014 edition is the best bet for people looking for a sub 20k phone.

The Moto X 2nd gen is out and it’s also a really awesome phone. It adds to what Moto X had with an improved camera, screen, resolution and much more.

Moto G 2nd gen is surely the stealer, to book now click the button below!

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Moto G 2014 specifications and price in India


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