000webhost.com Review: Best For Starting Out!

How often has it happened to you? That you wish to start a new project, a new site, a new portfolio site, or maybe something that you were too excited about for a long time.

But your budget constraints have put you on a leash and hence you were not able to get that project up and running. It happens to the best of us and happened to me too.

If you are someone who’s just starting with blogging, things would appear too complex to you.  The amount of initial investment itself stops many students, or work-at-home moms to scrap the idea of blogging in their free time.

But in this day and age where you have to pay for almost everything, there are still few services out there that help people out for absolutely no cost involved at all.

000webhost.com by Hostinger is one of those services. It has been there since I ever started my blogging career in 2011 and has gone from a position of strength to strength.

It’s still one of the very few hosting services out there which provide zero-cost hosting without any ads.

“One might think how is a company able to provide free hosting, there must be some caveat in this. But the truth is that they are able to do so by the generosity of their patrons who donate as well as the premium users who pay for upgrades and so on.

Let’s talk a little bit more about their features and more.

000webhost is one of the only free and reliable hosting providers which provides PHP, SQL as well as a Cpanel interface, and that too all in the free package.

10 GB of monthly bandwidth is provided to all of the users along with 1 GB of disk space to host their files. This might seem less for pro users but for any beginner, this is more than enough to get started!

000webhost features

One of the notable features to consider for beginners is the fact that it comes with handy scripts for popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc.

There’s also a free website builder which is quite easy to use to help beginners get started with the website creation process.

Features of Free Hosting

Here’s a detailed breakdown of all of the features of the free hosting plan of 000webhost.com:

Number of websites allowed = Two

Bandwidth provided (monthly) = Ten GB

Storage provided = Thousand MB

Allowed to place own advertisements = Yes

Uptime = 99% uptime guarantee. Hosting sleeps for one hour every day to balance the load.

FTP supported or not = FTP is supported.

Backups allowed or not = Backups are supported. Monthly backups are present.

Activation process = Instant activation is present. You can get started with development instantly after signing up.

Any hidden charges or fees? = None.

Are Cron Jobs supported? = Yes.

Curl & GD support present or not = Yes

Number of subdomains supported = Two

Number of parked domains supported = Two

How many MySQL databases are supported? = Two

Number of FTP users supported = One

000webhosting currently hosts more than a Sixteen Million websites worldwide and the service continues to grow at an exponential rate.

If you are somebody who is not satisfied with the free hosting services then you can opt for their paid plans which start at very affordable rates and offer even more features.

different plans 000webhost


The paid plan differs from the free one in a lot of things:

  • Provides unlimited bandwidth.
  • Provides unlimited storage.
  • Provides hosting for an unlimited number of websites.
  • Provides an unlimited number of email accounts.
  • Provides 3x WordPress optimised speed.
  • There’s no sleep time/ downtime and hosting stays up all the time.
  • Free (.)com domain name registration is included.
  • Three hundred plus scripts auto-installer is present.
  • Weekly data backups are present.
  • An unlimited number of MySQL databases are supported.
  • PHP APC cache is installed for a faster website experience.
  • FTP over SSL is supported.
  • Advanced cron jobs are supported.
  • US and EU server locations are present.
  • Antivirus Scanner (ClamAV) is present.
  • Attracta SEO tools services are pre-bundled.
  • Unlimited subdomains are supported.
  • Ruby on Rails is supported.
  • RvSiteBuilder Pro is present.
  • An unlimited number of parked domains are supported.
  • An unlimited number of FTP users are supported.
  • Domain privacy is present.
  • Remote MySQL support is present.
  • InnoDB database is supported.
  • PHP 5.2 – 7.1 is supported while on Free only 5.2 is supported.
  • Twenty-four*seven throughout the year, ticket, as well as Live Chat Support, is available for paid users.
  • Unlimited add-on domains are supported.
  • Control Panel has support for a lot of features that are not available for free users.
  • Plans start at $3.49 per month.

000webhosting also offers Business hosting for pro users and these offer state-of-the-art hosting features. Most notable of them include full 30 days money-back guarantee, major e-commerce features like dedicated IP addresses and strictly secured SSL certificates, and a lot more.

So guys concluding we can safely say that 000webhost and their free hosting services are amongst the top-notch free hosting providers.

If you are someone who is just starting or somebody who is looking to learn how to work online without spending much then also 000webhost should be the hosting provider of choice for you.

For power users as well as business users too these guys have a lot of packages and sweet deals. Most of their package rates are quite competitive and hence sometimes better pick than what the competition has to offer.

Cpanel-based hosting is tough to find these days and even on Inspire2Rise we use a different form of hosting. The best part about 000webhost is that they provide Cpanel-based hosting even in their free package and that seriously makes us want to recommend these guys.

And if you are someone whose appetites aren’t satiated by the free version then you can always opt for the paid ones!

Have any doubts or queries? Ask us in the comment box and we’ll reply asap.

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000webhost.com Review: Best For Starting Out!

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