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  1. I like this post! You guys seem to be doing a great job with internet-themed giveaways but I can’t think of any suggestions, sorry.

  2. Awesome post and giveaway. Keep going with stuff like this and you will get more readers and they will stay impressed from the website content. I found this giveaway very useful for my next future project.

  3. Great giveaway! Since I don’t have a twitter account, cannot gain many points… I wish you all the best! Regards from Serbia!

  4. Well indeed i2r has been a blog where I can find homely articles, words written from heart and not another spinbot #ifkwim ;), even the images used in this blog are real, the uniqueness of the content is what we all love!
    keep it coming ANJ!
    all the best to all ^^^
    thanks for the giveaway

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