iPhone 6 plus review : Price and specifications in India


The fans had been waiting for this device since months, rumor sites had been speculating it for years. Even we did aiPhone 6 rumors post! Such was the secrecy and desperation around a single device that the success of other devices to be launched depended upon the fact that how good or bad this device would be. Enough of the speculation, let’s just start with our Inspire2rise iPhone 6 plus review.

iPhone 6 plus review : Over View

iPhone 6 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone from Apple Inc. and it is already well known among the Apple Fan boys. It all started when the revolutionary design of iPhone 4 was announced and the people had high expectations with the iPhone 5 but it totally crushed all their expectations and iPhone 5 was a big time flop. And all those expectations of the device were shifted to the shoulders of iPhone 6 Plus. Lets see that does it fills the expectations this time, or not?

iPhone 6 plus review Price and specifications in India different comparison
iPhone 6 plus review : The big display is the iPhone 6 plus’ USP and for sure it’s going to sell huge numbers because of the increased screen size!

iPhone 6 plus review : Specifications

Well before we begin, have a look at the tech specs of the device:

  • 5.5? Display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels
  • 16/64/128GB Internal Memory
  • 8MP primary camera
  • 1.2MP front camera
  • iOS 8
  • 1GB RAM
  • Space Grey, Silver and Gold colors
  • Price: INR 62,500

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iPhone 6 plus review : Design

Unlike other Apple devices, I mean to say other Apple iPhone devices, this is the biggest one. It measures 6.22 Inches high and 3.22 Inches Wide which makes it around half inch taller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is little lighter as compared to the Note 3 and also feels better in the hand.

This awesome phone is made up of Matte Aluminium just like the previous ones but comes with a curved glass to give a better feel and I think that the owners of Lumia devices know the feel. The device has great looks and feels awesome but the downside this time is that it doesn’t give us unique styles which was given by the previous phones.

iPhone 6 plus review : Camera

The camera loaded on this device at the rear panel is an 8MP shooter but it is an upgraded and optimized version of the  last one. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have the same camera but in the iPhone 6 Plus you get an awesome OIS upgrade, where OIS stands for Optical image stabilization to reduce blur and shakiness in the photos.

The new Image Stabilization is actually a digital effect but it proves awesome when you see the final result. We were shooting the videos single handedly while moving and the results were quite smooth and impressive which makes a plus point for iPhone 6 Plus. While shooting a video you get the auto focus feature so you don’t need to tap again and again on the screen to focus while moving.

The video is still a 1080p one but it somehow has better quality than iPhone 6. The frame rate can be changed to 60fps or 30fps. Thw slow motion video recording capability has also been upgraded once again as now it gives you 240fps instead of the 120fps which was given earlier.

The camera in the front has been upgraded too! It lacks OIS but with a better f/2.2  aperture, the sensor gets high light which results in a better image during the low light conditions. This means you will get some awesome selfies in a Pub or Disco!

iPhone 6 plus review : Display

Well this is the most interesting part and the main attraction of iPhone 6 Plus. This gadget holds a 5.5 Inch screen which requires a lot of power, surprisingly the battery in this device is able to tolerate it and give high battery backup.

The screen is easily view-able in the sunlight and you can see it properly irrespective the angle you are viewing it from. But the bad thing is that only few apps have been optimized for this resolution which sucks big time and can be a lot of annoying. To fix this, the app gets blown up to fit the screen which also re-sizes the keyboard and can be annoying if you are used to touch typing.

Overall display is good and the colors look stunning as well as bright. The quality is crisp but the apps are not so good for this resolution.

iPhone 6 plus price and availability:

The iPhone 6 plus 16 GB model is retailing online on Amazon for a price of INR 62,500. The price is same for the phone on Flipkart. To buy your own iPhone 6 plus now, click on the below link (Flipkart link).

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iPhone 6 plus review : Verdict

This phone is great but not for everybody. The device is not that appealing to many because of its design as well as the screen size. If you want a device with big screen or better camera with better battery performance then this can be your perfect choice but if you are looking for something more compact then I would suggest you to look at other alternatives once.


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iPhone 6 plus review : Price and specifications in India


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