10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable

Instagram logoDo you love sharing your moments in snaps with your friends and world around? Then you most probably have used the Social networking app called Instagram at least once. With a base of around 200 million monthly users Instagram is more than just a photo sharing network.We have thus, made a list of 10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable than ever for you. Whether a newbie or a pro, you will surely learn something from this. So take a break from those selfie streaks and note them down.

1. World in your palms

Seen those cute miniature world photographs? Want to take them yourself? It’s easier than you think and you don’t need professional lenses for this. Just take a picture, apply a filter, tap the wrench icon at the bottom and slide right to find the ‘tilt and shift‘. Apply radial or linear whichever looks better and check mark to save and whoops you’re done.

Instagram Tilt shift example Tenderbuttons

2.One Instagram- Two Perspectives

Sad for being able to upload only one image at once? Well not any more, Picframe is an app which allows you to put several shot at one in an Instance. It also allow you to change photo shape, add frames or even music and videos. There are others apps too like Diptic and Photogrid for the same.

Reading: 10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable

3. The Lux Look

Underexposed photos look poorer than others. But you can make them look better by tapping the Sun symbol and using the slider to adjust the saturation. Unfortunately Windows users still can’t do it as of yet.

4.Border won’t Bother.

If you are bothered by the borders and want to add something extra to your photo, just tap the selected filter again and tap the border icon. You can again change the border by tapping on it.

5. Motion Picture and Videos.

If you didn’t know it already, Instagram added the video upload feature in June 2013.You can create a video of up to 15 seconds by moving the tab from camera to video. Keep the red button pressed for video recording and you can lift your finger for motion pictures. When done, choose a filter (if you want to) and a frame photo and share normally.

Not just that, you can also choose to share clips from your phone library. Choose them, select length and then post as you normally would and done. Easy right? And Instagram Stories, how can we not talk about it? A great feature indeed.

Reading: 10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable

6. Not just an app.

Instagram is not just limited to an app. You can go off road and sign in from your PC too, just go on Instagram.com and browse your way. But remember you can’t upload anything.

7. Snapchat Replacement

You can use your Instagram as a replacement for your Snapchat. If you don’t want the world to see your pics, choose the inbox icon and send Direct to up to 15 people. But unlike Snapchat, your pics wont disappear once viewed.

10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable - direct messages

8. Break from hate.

Some people cant say anything nice. If you’re tired of unwanted comments on your pics by unwanted commentators, just tap the comments section under your pic and tap on undesired comment to delete. You can also delete it and report abuse.
Or if it’s you who made a mistake, you can now edit your captions by tapping on them.

9. Great shot Bud!

Getting a follower anywhere is tough. It gets a little more on Instagram. One of the shortest way to someone Insta heart and to make them follow you is commenting something nice on their pics. Though it’s not a 1 for 1 deal but still a lot helpful.

Reading: 10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable

10. Privacy! Privacy!

Not using a photo sharing social network for sharing photos might seem a little odd. But what if you want it to just use those cool filters? Well then set your privacy to private and then no one can bother you. You can still share some of the content you want to on it or send them directly but people will need to get approved by you to be able to follow you.

So these were some of the features from our lovely app, but you can only learn from using it. So go get your hands on the wonderful Instagram and continue those selfie streaks.

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10 tips to make Instagram more enjoyable

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