AMD Instinct MI300, World’s First Data Center APU According to AMD!

To challenge Nvidia’s dominance, AMD is coming up with AI “super chip” MI300

Various sources reported on June 13 that AMD, a major player in the computer hardware industry, has announced its plans to challenge Nvidia’s current dominance in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market with its latest innovation, the MI300 “super chip.”

In a keynote speech that was delivered by AMD CEO Lisa Su at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company’s strategy for the AI market was unveiled.

amd mi300 chip details rumours

Experts in the industry have predicted that AMD will reveal new details about the MI300 chip, which is AMD’s most advanced Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to date. This chip is a critical component that is used by companies such as OpenAI to develop cutting-edge products like ChatGPT.

Analysts believe that the MI300 chip has the potential to be a formidable competitor to Nvidia, whose chips currently have a stranglehold on the AI computing market, accounting for between 80% and 95% of the market share.

amd mi300 next gen design

While Intel and a few startups, such as Cerebras Systems and SambaNova Systems, offer similar products to Nvidia’s offerings, their scale of operations is much smaller.

According to industry experts, Nvidia’s biggest threat in the AI market comes from the internal chip work of Alphabet’s Google and Amazon cloud divisions, both of which rent out their bespoke chips to outside developers.

amd instinct mi300 apu

Nvidia’s advantage in the field of AI is not merely due to its chips but also its software tools and ecosystems, which have been developed over more than a decade.

For AMD to compete effectively, it must catch up with software and research trends, according to Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at TIRIAS Research.

amd mi300 features

“They have to reach out to the research community, understand what the market is doing and what they need to do, and be ready before something becomes important,”

Krewell said. While the MI300 chip is expected to start generating sales in the fourth quarter, it may take until 2024 for AMD to make a significant impact on the AI market. Nonetheless, the company is well-positioned to make a substantial impact in this area in the coming years.

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AMD Instinct MI300, World’s First Data Center APU According to AMD!

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