AMD Navi GPU to have 10% higher performance than RTX 2060!

RDNA/GCN hybrid architecture delivers the highest improvements!

AMD officially announced the RX 5700 series of graphics cards based on the new 7nm technology and Navi’s new architecture during the Taipei Computer Show. It claims to be based on the new RDNA architecture, which has a 25% improvement in co-frequency performance and an increase in energy consumption ratio compared to the existing Vega architecture. In terms of percentage, the actual performance is about 10% higher than the RTX 2070!

According to AMD, the RDNA architecture has three major improvements:

– New computing unit design: Improve efficiency and improve IPC.

– Multi-level cache consistency: Reduce latency, increase bandwidth, save power.

– Streamlined graphics pipeline: Optimize unit frequency performance and increase the frequency.

In addition, it is the first consumer-grade GPU architecture to natively support PCIe 4.0.

According to the information given by the hardware leaker APISAK, the core package area of the Navi GPU is only slightly larger than the third-gen Ryzen. And the area of the GPU itself is only 255 square millimetres, compared to the Polaris 10 core used by the RX 480/580 ( 232 square millimetres) it’s increased by only 10%. It’s almost exactly the same as the popular HD 4870 RV770 core (256 square millimetres).

amd navi gpu rdna improvements

In contrast, the RTX 2070 uses TU106 core area of 445 square millimetres. Navi only about 57% of it, even the GTX 1660 series TU116 core has 284 square millimetres, Navi 10 is 10% smaller.

This shows the compactness and efficiency of the Navi architecture, as well as the high integration of TSMC’s 7nm process – the Turing series is still 12nm.

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AMD Navi GPUs further details

However, according to some tech media, Navi is not completely refurbished and rebuilt. It also follows the design of some GCN architectures. For example, each computing unit is still 64 stream processors.

It is reported that the Navi 20, which will be launched next year and aimed at high-end enthusiasts, will be the first truly new GPU architecture of AMD for many years, and is expected to lead AMD to return to the top market.

amd navi gpu performance rdna improvements

Interestingly, ASRock has demonstrated a series of future concept graphics designs in Taipei, including the high-end Phantom Gaming player series, all of which are three-fan designs. It seems that the latter corresponds to the RX 5700 series. The former may be Prepared for the future Navi 20, it is huge!

AMD will hold a technical conference in Los Angeles next week when more details of the Navi architecture will be announced, so stay tuned for more details and updates on the same!

So guys what do you think? Will AMD completely shatter the GPU market by pricing the Navi based GPUs really aggressively? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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AMD Navi GPU to have 10% higher performance than RTX 2060!

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