CISPA bill- The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

The CISPA bill which stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is the latest threat to online freedom and privacy of individuals. Above 30,000 websites among which Reddit and Craigslist are present, are strongly opposing the new bill. This initiative is led by Internet defense league a consortium of Open source and free web supporters like WordPress, Mozilla, Reddit & the Electronic Frontier foundationAmerican Civil Liberties Union and .

Anti CISPA Bill – Detailed info who favour it and who oppose it.

All of the participating websites, including have a “STOP CISPA” ribbon or an interactive image like the one below
anti cispa bill inspire2rise which says that

“CISPA is back. This bill sacrifices privacy without improving security. We deserve both.”

The banner can be used by people to send automatic messages to their respective representatives in Congress by entering the ZIP code of their area.
If you too own a WordPress website, then you can display the “STOP CISPA” black ribbon using this WordPress plugin.

The bill had passed in the house in 2012 but had failed to pass through the senate. But past month the bill was rekindled and brought with some plastic superficial changes. The internet freedom groups argue that CISPA has no restrictions on how will the government monitor an individual’s Internet private browsing information. It is also very much possible that the bill may be misused to spy on people rather than nab hackers.

While the open web is opposing CISPA, large corporations like United States Chamber of Commerce, Facebook and Microsoft are in it’s favor. They say that such a bill would be easy way to share cyber threats with US government. Others who are in support claim that it will help U.S in the war against hackers and groups like Anonymous.

We had earlier opposed the ACTA bill too. Because anything which compromises freedom on Internet is wrong.

house voting counts cispa bill

Those against the bill also propose that the bill does not ensure that the data shared would be done properly. It’s said that CISPA bill would also give them open right to share data as long as it’s done away from freedom groups’ and individuals prying eyes.

CISPA bill sponsors Mike Rogers & Dutch Ruppersberger, are strongly against those opposing and say that there’s ample safety for civil rights in the bill. The House of representatives will vote for CISPA bill in the coming month. If it does manage to pass, it will go through senate and we can only hope that President vetoes it like the last time.

cispa is back anti cispa bill
As seen on . The online petition.

The Anti CISPA bill banner is on and several other sites. Join the rebellion! Sign the petition and make more people aware. The Anti CISPA bill petiton has reached 100,000 signatures as of for now. Let’s hope the counts keep rising. Stay inspired to rise.

All the above views are author's personal, any reference to anyone is non-personal. No offense is intended to any side.
Stay tuned for more news. And raise your voice for online freedom.
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CISPA bill- The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

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