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  1. so they are jumping from 4.2 to 5.0 where the hell is 4.3 4.4…. 4.9
    5.0 a complete joke….

    One of the Main functions that Android miss out it is the Exit button on Functions,as thats what made Nokia Symbian phones so easy to Run an kept the Batterylife lasting longest,Hope Google can include this on Android soon,as it becomes annoying when functions are still running when you think you have finished using it,an better batterylife would please everyone with Android

    1. I agree bro, earlier I had a nokia sybian S60 V5 phone. I had customized it to the core, and it was more functional than my current Android. And this thing really annoys me about Android that we can’t completely quit an app with the “BACK” button. I hope someone from Google reads this comments 😀

  2. Hii Aditya,
    It’s the first time I am visiting your blog, I visit it just because I like its name “Inspire 2 rise” very inspiring name.
    And I also agree with both of you , I mean Android team don’t have good tester with them else they could find out this BUG.

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