Apple macOS Catalina brings back the Expansion slot utility!

A long forgotten relic makes a comeback into macOS!

MacOS Catalina, the next-generation operating system for Apple’s Mac platform, is currently undergoing intensive testing. We are also running the latest version of the beta on our personal machine. Users have discovered from the macOS Catalina Beta 2 beta build that the Expansion Slot Utility, which had disappeared more than 10 years ago, is back now.

apple expansion slot utility comeback

The expansion slot utility in macOS (Mac OS X) is mainly used to manage and configure various PCIe cards in Mac Pro. Apple’s move is obviously for the upcoming new modular Mac Pro, which has a total of 8 PCI expansion slots. The users can use them according to their different needs.

Apple cut off the expansion slot utility after releasing the 2008 Mac Pro a long time ago. After a gap of almost 11 years, the new 2.0 version will return with macOS Catalina.

apple expansion slot utility macos catalina

macOS Catalina will be officially released this fall. The new Mac Pro will be available for sale just after that. Users will be able to use this tool to manage PCI cards and manage how they expand their system and more.

apple mac pro 2019 specs and price

So guys what do you think about the upcoming MacOS Catalina update? Would it be really different or radical from MacOS we know and love till now? Or would it just be another minor incremental update? Do let us know your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below!

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Apple macOS Catalina brings back the Expansion slot utility!

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