Best Games You Can Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2018

Steam has started heavy discounts on the most popular games during Steam Summer Sale, here are some titles you should definitely try!

Steam Sales are exciting for every gamer out there and once again as the Steam Summer Sale  2018 has started here is a chance for many of you to get some games at discounted prices. The Steam Summer Sale started on June 21 and will go on up to July 5. Here are some of the best games that you can buy right now from Steam at discounted prices.

1. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG, a game based on Battle Royale is addictive, pushing you to try hard and be the last man to survive. PUBG is priced at Rs. 999 but now, during the Steam Summer sale, there is a 33% discount which slashes the price to Rs. 669.

2. Far Cry 5

On a mission to defeat the Eden’s Gate cult, team up with the residents to resist the cult and liberate the Hope County, Montana by beating Joseph Seed and his siblings- John Seed, Jacob Seed, and Faith Seed. The price has dropped down now from Rs. 2,999 to Rs. 2249 after 25% discount.

3. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the tenth major game from the widely popular Assassin’s Creed series and it is the successor to Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. This is something that an Assassin’s Creed fan must grab and now its price is cut down by 50% and is available for Rs. 1749.

4. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment where you get the chance to assume the control of the character who is the sole survivor of nuclear devastation. Fallout 4 is a must buy under a budget of Rs. 1,000.

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5. Witcher 3

The action role-playing game Witcher 3 got a very positive feedback from gamers and critics. If the game you get the chance to battle your enemies with weapons and magic, in the search of a little-adopted child. Witcher 3 is now priced at Rs. 400 instead of Rs. 800 after the 50% discount.

6. Just Cause 3

Just Cause is another popular title and the third title of the game is for those who looking for an awesome action adventure game while spending only Rs. 89.

7. Resident Evil 7

One of the best combinations of survival and horror, packed into a story. It is probably one of the best games out there to freak you out. Go give it a try as it is now priced at Rs. 1299 after the 35% discount.

8. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The latest title from the Assassin’s Cree series is now up for pre-order and during this pre-order period, you can get the game for Rs. 2,999 whereas the package is actually priced at Rs. 3,499.

9. Prey

The game is about Morgan Yu, onboard the space station Talos I. It is a game packed with action, adventure and the ultimate goal is to stop an alien invasion. The game is now available for Rs. 1199 after 50% flat discount.

10. Rocket League

It is a game o soccer powered by cars where you get the chance to play with a teammate and try to score a goal against another team using a rocket-powered car. The game is quite popular and is a nice game for some relaxation. It is now available for Rs. 282.

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11. Rust

Rust is another survival game, but the game is purely based on crafting using different materials. It is something similar to Minecraft and worth trying out as now the price is lowered to Rs. 189 after a massive 75% discount.

So, which game are you going to pick or have already picked up? Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Games You Can Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2018

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