Will the next iPhone be notch-less? Or same old!

Can the Cupertino Giant do it?


The iPhone X marked the departure of the tried and tested design style by Apple. Apple had been following the same design for iPhone models since iPhone 6 and going forth. That design looked quite dated and needed a revamp for sure.

The iPhone X looked like a step in the right direction with its almost bezel-less design and features.

But the one thing that everyone noticed first was the notch at the top of the display.

Apple had a very valid explanation for the same because the notch houses the Infrared sensors for Face ID and other relevant sensors and the front camera.

iphone x vector model

But the competition didn’t wait for Apple’s yearly cycle or their next major update in order to outsmart them.

In the form of the Apex concept, Vivo had already teased a future with bezel-less smartphones.

vivo nex s vivo nex a launch date india

But now with the Vivo Nex hitting the worldwide markets things look quite bleak for the iPhone innovation department.

Would the next iPhone model be anything as exciting as the Android world has to offer right now?

There’s also another eye turner model right now in the market i.e. the Oppo Find X. The Find X employs an even better mechanism in order to get rid of the notch design. It has a whole sliding mechanism instead of just sliding the front camera like the Vivo Nex does. 

oppo find x specifications price launch india

Though what Vivo has done requires more innovation as the whole screen vibrates in order to produce sound and the sensors etc. are located at the very top of the phone. It also houses an in-display fingerprint sensor. 

Oppo’s approach towards fully bezel-less design looks quite better but it’s more likely to reach failure point sooner than the Nex because it has more moving parts and there’s more scope for dust and debris or even accidental force breaking the whole design apart.

Now let’s talk about the next iPhone 2018 models. There are rumoured to be three models coming in this year. Two of them would have an AMOLED panel while the third and the cheapest one would sport an LCD panel like the older generation iPhones.

Rumours and leaks of all of the models point towards a notch style design. Many leading case manufacturers have also confirmed that even the next iPhone lineup would come with notches. 

The future is already here and we think that the wait towards a fully bezel-less iPhone might end in 2019 and not this September.

So what do you think? Does Apple have it in them to pull off a Wild card?

iphone x dock style design

Is it possible that they can release a special edition iPhone this year which is completely bezel-less?

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Written by Ankit Jha

Ankit is a geek from New Delhi who loves smartphones, games and everything tech. When he's not busy writing here you can find him playing PUBG on his phone!


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