Update your Google Chrome to version 75 immediately!

Major fixes for security and reliability!

Today on June 5th, Google released the official version of Chrome 75 for all multiple platform users, including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux and more.

The new version adds a setting for managing security keys in Privacy and Security and adds support for the scroll stop feature to improve the gesture navigation experience for users.

google chrome version 75 security keys

In addition, web applications can share local sharing APIs, forcing independent rendering of pages to circumvent CPU security vulnerabilities such as Spectre etc.

Current status of Google Chrome browser

According to the latest statistics, Chrome browsers currently account for more than 60% of the global user base, with a cumulative total of over 1 billion users.

This was certainly a much-needed update for most of the users as a lot of users are running Chrome as well as Intel CPU based systems. In recent times a lot of vulnerabilities have been found in the Intel CPUs. Many of these have prompted some severe fixes. Many of these fixes also ended up decreasing the performance of the systems being used by people.

So if you are a Google Chrome user update right away. We also stopped everything midway in order to do so!

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Update your Google Chrome to version 75 immediately!

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