How to Reduce Tabs in Google Chrome to Boost Productivity

People these days are really busy, and clutter is something that has become unavoidable because of our busy lives and schedules. This clutter permeates our workspace too in the form of cluttered tabs on our browsers. It becomes a hassle to manage a large number of tabs and though it might seem avoidable sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to have a large number of tabs open in order to do different activities simultaneously. So today at Inspire2rise we will give you a simple trick on how to reduce tabs in Google Chrome to boost productivity.

How to reduce tabs in Google Chrome: The method.

We will teach how you can do this with the pin tabs technique.
If you want to pin a specific tab in the cluster of tabs for ease of access then you have two ways of doing it:

1. Right-click on the tab and you will see a Pin Tab option, just choose it or

How to reduce tabs in Google Chrome using pin tabs
2. Drag the tab you want to pin to the left corner to pin it yourself.

The pinned tab looks something like the below picture.

How to reduce tabs in Google Chrome using pinning of tabs
Now that you know how to pin them, you need not worry about them now. They will stay there for you whenever you will need them without taking up much space on the screen.

Also when you restart the browser for the work next time, you won’t have to load those tabs again, they will load by themselves even after restarting your personal computer. Or reloading the Chrome browser after closing it down.

So now you know how to reduce tab size in Chrome browser using the pin tab, and now, how do we unpin them? Suppose that was a project-related tab and now that the project is over you want to unpin them, You ask me how will I do it.

Well, my friend, It’s as simple as you guessed it, Just right-click on the pinned tab and select the unpin tab and you’re done.
Wasn’t it such an easy task?  Saving you from those clutter of tabs and saving your time too.

So enjoy pinning tabs now and keep visiting Inspire2rise for more such treats.

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How to Reduce Tabs in Google Chrome to Boost Productivity

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