GTA San Andreas Mobile version to arrive in December


I remember back in the summer of 2009 I was playing a game which had changed open world gaming like no another. Yes, it was Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas. A game with so much detail for my child like mind that I was mesmerized and dumbstruck every time I switched on my PC to play the game. Even after so many years, the game doesn’t fail to inspire that very excitement inside my soul as it did at that moment. We have a good news for all San Andreas fans. Yes, GTA San Andreas mobile version is coming this December.

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GTA San Andreas was one of the greatest games ever released for the PlayStation 2. The street wise attitude of Carl Johnson a.k.a C.J and his gang of the Grove Street families is coming back again, albeit in a mobile avatar.

GTA San Andreas Mobile version featured

For those who have forgotten, GTA San Andreas had the cities of San Fierro, Los santos ( CJ’s own place ) and Las Venturas and everything else like the beaches and other stuff thrown in the mix.

GTA San Andreas Mobile version details and changes :

The game has been remastered for the mobile devices. Updates include detailed and dynamic shadows, enhanced draw distance, expanded color palette and better drawn car and character models. All of this plus the extreme fluid game play makes this unarguably one the best mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto ever.

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The GTA San Andreas mobile version also comes with enhanced new touch based controls, and controlling buttons which change depending upon the context and showing up only when the player needs them.  There are three separate control schemes for players for driving as well as maneuvering purposes. The game also features a changed checkpoint based system for ease of saving and progression during game play.

The GTA San Andreas mobile version game comes with full controller support for iOS version. ( It has support for ‘Made for iOS’ controllers on iOS 7 version. )

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The GTA San Andreas mobile version is going to be released in the coming weeks of December. The game will be available for selected Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Amazon kindle devices.

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