[LIST] Top fifteen android apps for bloggers

The Android operating system for mobiles is now the major operating system across the world. Majority of Bloggers too have an Android Smartphone because it allows for more tinkering, gives room for more playing with a lot of things. We bloggers love to push our devices to their limits, and the Android platform gives us this exact opportunity. Blogging can be a chore at times. It can be very difficult to manage the work of content creation, back links generation, social media sharing, progress tracking and all that stuff. We also must accept the fact that a person can’t stay glued to their computer all day long. We can’t expect to have a lifestyle which involves sitting 10 hours in front of the PC in order to make a good blog. There will definitely be times when we have to travel, go out or just not be at home. Your mobile comes in at these very points to ease your blogging journey, if you harness it to it’s full potential. The first step towards using your mobile to it’s full potential as a blogging powerhouse is to get the right apps installed. So, let’s begin the Inspire2rise list Top fifteen android apps for Bloggers.

[LIST] Top fifteen android apps for Bloggers : Let the countdown begin.

1.) Google keep :
keep top fifteen android apps for bloggersWords can’t describe how useful the Google keep app is. It’s the first ultra powerful application which is the best for online work.
You can type something in keep, make a to do list, set reminders and it would all be synced simultaneously to your Google Drive.
And when you don’t have your mobile with you and want to access keep from a desktop or work on your stuff there, you can simply visit – drive.google.com/keep and continue from where you left off on your mobile.

download google keep top fifteen android apps for a blogger
Download Google Keep from Play Store : Top fifteen android apps for bloggers.

2.) Google Analytics :
google analytics top fifteen android apps for bloggersEvery blogger, novice and pro alike know that how important it is to analyse and track your online progress. Google Analytics is one the best ways to track the sources of traffic and the amount of traffic coming to your blog. The mobile version is even easier to use than the desktop version. It shows all the necessary data on the front page. Like the number of real time visitors, Visits (which includes the total visits for a specific day)

Download Google Analytics top fifteen android apps for a blogger
Download Google Analytics App from Play Store : Top Fifteen Android apps for bloggers.

3.) Google Adsense :
google adsense android app for bloggers
Someone once jokingly said on a Facebook page,

AdSense is like an unemployment welfare scheme for bloggers.

Really, Google Adsense is one of the best monetization programs for anyone starting out in blogging. It is really cool to log in to your dashboard in the middle of the day just to check your progress and how many dollars you  have earned. The mobile app for AdSense shows how much dollars you earned from 12 am to current time. It also shows total life time earnings. The app can be set to show data from a specific date, or a time range.

Google Adsense app on Play Store : Top Fifteen Android apps for bloggers.

4.) WordPress :
wordpress top fifteen android apps for bloggers
Anyone who uses the WordPress content management system for blogging knows how easy work becomes by using the WordPress app. The WordPress allows us to check, edit, post and approve new comments. It also allows to create new posts, edit existing posts and publish posts. For those who have Jetpack plugin installed they can check their stats too.
P.S. : I prefer Analytics for that, it gives more accurate data!

wordpress for android top fifteen apps for a blogger
WordPress for Android : top fifteen apps for bloggers.

5.) Blogger app :
blogger app top fifteen android apps for bloggersFor those people who use the Blogger platform by Google Inc. this app is the best. They can create and publish new posts as well as view their blogs with the help of the Blogger app.

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Blogger app for Android on Google play top fifteen android apps for a blogger
Blogger app for Android on Google play : top fifteen android apps for bloggers.

6.) Gmail or Outlook :
gmail and outlook apps for bloggersIt depends which email service you use. Depending upon that either Gmail or Outlook app are the best for your email needs. Currently, I have both of them installed and I love them equally. Gmail has one new nice feature that I love. It categorizes my emails according to my priorities. ( Primary inbox, Social, Promotions and Updates. )

download outlook app top fifteen android apps for a blogger
Outlook app on Google Play : Only it’s link is provided because Gmail is present by default in Android.

7.) Facebook pages apps :
facebook pages manager app for bloggersMaintaining an active Facebook Page for your blog is also very important. A good Facebook page alone can give you thousands of visits per day. It also becomes important to respond to comments made by Fans of your Facebook page and reply to them. If you neglect your page for long the talking about this goes down, and so does the virality of your page. Maintaining an active page posting schedule also helps in ensuring that people see you as a regular source of content.

download Facebook Pages Manager app on Play Store
Facebook Pages Manager app on Play Store.

8.) Google plus :
google plus top fifteen android apps for bloggersDo I need to emphasis the importance of Google Plus now. This network has finally caught up with the rest. After Facebook it’s the second largest social network now. Read this post by my friend Nirmala Santhakumar – Google Plus strategy.

Google Plus app : Social android app for a blogger.

9.) Twitter : 
twitter icon bloggersNo matter what is said about Twitter that only few use it, or it’s too complicated to think of good 140 character updates. Twitter is still the greatest when it comes to real measurable impact. A single tweet when re-tweeted by any influential user can lead to a traffic boost which you hadn’t even thought.

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download Twitter on Android
Twitter on Android : Top fifteen android apps for bloggers.

10.) SwiftKey Keyboard :
swiftkey app for making blogging easy
If you plan on typing on your mobile as much as I do, then I would definitely recommend this app. This app learns your typing behavior. It remembers the exact typos you make and with time corrects them automatically. Though this is a paid app but for the functionality it provides, the price is justified.

Swiftkey keyboard for Android
Swiftkey keyboard for Android : Top fifteen Android apps for a blogger

11.) Buffer :

bufferapp iconA busy blogger knows the importance of time like no one else can understand. No body likes the guy who takes a small break and posts thousands of links on social media and tweets like a monster. Everyone tends to ignore such people. To spread out your social media sharing more evenly across the day, the Buffer app comes in handy. It allows you to posts on Twitter, Facebook and more on custom times. Just fill your Buffer with posts, it will take care of the rest!

download Buffer app for Android top fifteen android apps for bloggers
Buffer app for Android : top fifteen android apps for bloggers.

12.) Pocket :
pocket app for bloggersWe got to do a lot, don’t we. Throughout the article I have shared ways to ease the workload of a blogger or make the working process more efficient. Pocket allows us to save articles so that we can read them later on. Though many like my friend Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage.com say that,

I will read it later means, I will read it never.

But a little bit of diligence on our side and life can become more fruitful! You can catch up with the reading stuff while you are in the bus or in the toilet. ( P.S. most of us do this! 😛 )

download Top fifteen Android Apps for Bloggers
Pocket App for Android : Top fifteen Android Apps for Bloggers.

13.) Opera mini browser :
opera mini top fifteen android apps for bloggersWhen you are on the go and you need a browser that makes reading, updating and doing all of the basic stuff easy on that shit data plan that you have, then Opera Mini is the way to go. The Opera mini browser works good. I use it mostly for checking updates on Facebook, reading articles after searching for some topics and I use it for analyzing that how does a site look and work without all the JavaScript.

Opera Mini for Android download
Opera Mini for Android : Top Fifteen Android apps for Bloggers.

14.) Chrome browser :
chrome browser top fifteen android apps for a bloggerThe Chrome browser is something I prefer when I am at my home using internet on my phone over the WiFi. I use it to test responsiveness of websites sometimes. Any website which requires scripting and has an interface that is broken in the Opera Mini browser is rendered beautifully in the Chrome browser. We can also use the PC mode to view websites exactly as they show up in PC.

download chrome browser for android
Chrome browser for android : Top Fifteen android apps for bloggers.

15.) Vine :
vine app logo fileThe less said about this app the better, as I have already covered it in a previous post – Vine app . Simply put you need this app as a blogger just because

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

download vine app for android
Vine App for Android : Just for the lulz!

Hence we conclude the awesome countdown of top fifteen apps for a blogger. I hope you liked this article. Do book mark it.
And keep visiting Inspire2rise for more. Stay Inspired to rise!

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[LIST] Top fifteen android apps for bloggers

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