Behind Vine app and Twitter’s go short strategy

vine app logo fileThe Vine app by Twitter is really something disruptive in the current generation of social media applications. It is currently the most used video sharing app available for mobile devices. Vine seems like something which is designed keeping a single objective in mind, which is to convey the best of moving objects in just six seconds. It’s been four days that I have been using Vine and believe me I didn’t even log in to Facebook, Google Plus or even Twitter more than once throughout the day! This application heralds the coming of a really new psychological disturbance. This disturbance is : Extremely short attention spans. People are becoming increasingly fickle minded. Twitter leveraged this phenomenon by capitalizing on the limited character updates which makes the user skim through a large number of tweets without actually realizing that it was a lot of content that he/she just scrolled through. ( Keeping in mind the fact that almost all links on twitter are links to articles of substantial length. )

signup page for vine app by twitter
Signup page for vine app by twitter.

Recently another app that has become a fad is Snapchat. Any message sent through Snapchat would last for a few seconds and then disappear. This will surely give rise to a whole new generation of people, who would never quite understand what it’s like to sink into a novel and read long works of literature.
Vine is an excellent product by Twitter. Though initially it was marred by problems like pornographic content being uploaded by some users. But now it seems that many of those have been sorted out. If it continues to grow at it’s current rate then soon enough Vine would beat Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking services and apps as a medium for content creators.
Vine can be beautifully used to make videos that have a lasting impact. Many advertising agencies are already in the process of doing so. What is evident in all this is that Vine and Twitter are to social media what Twenty20 is to the game of cricket. Though the longer formats like microblogging, and other networks would stay. But the limelight would be on these!

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Let’s take a sneak peek into the features of Vine :

  • Ability to upload clips of six seconds ( 6.5 s to allow for better processing at the end of clip ).
  • Available for all major mobile platforms : Android, iOS as well as Windows Phone.
  • Allows to create new account via email or direct sign-in through existing Twitter account.
  • Is super cool with videos beautifully organized across categories. You can waste hours browsing through Vine without even knowing so!
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One of our favorite vine videos with the caped crusader and his nemesis in some light moments!



The future ahead for the Vine app :

The future definitely lies in mobile computing. The Vine app with it’s current mobile only strategy is a boost to this. With the increase in the number of users who access the internet through their mobiles, mobile computing  and online video sharing through smartphones will witness an unprecedented growth. Any application is only as great as the content creators who use it. With the next generation of internet savvy youngsters using it to make their presence felt, things will only go up from here. Vine celebrities would emerge and many more exciting things are sure to happen.

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Download links for Vine app :

Download Vine app for Android
Download Vine app for Android.
download vine app for ios
Download Vine app for iOS.
download vine app for windows phone
Download Vine app for Windows Phone.


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Behind Vine app and Twitter’s go short strategy

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