How to Record Screen on Windows Using VLC

Many a time as a normal PC users we face the challenge of making a video that shows what we are doing on our own screen. While making any guide or tutorial or simply recording the latest game that you are playing you need to record what’s happening on your screen and more often than not it becomes a tedious task for people who don’t want to use a different software or a complicated tool.

So today we will tell you how to record your screen on Windows using a VLC media player and without installing any other add-on or tool. One of the added benefits of using a VLC media player is that the resultant file has a really small size as compared to other screen recording tools.

How to record screen on Windows using VLC: The Steps.

  • Open up your VLC media player application from your Start menu or shortcut icon on the desktop.
  • Now click on the “Convert/Save” option in the “File” menu.
    How to record screen on Windows using VLC scr 1
  • Now in the new window that opens click on the “Capture Device” tab.

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  • Now in capture mode of the VLC media player select the option “Desktop” and then select the frame rate that you want for your video, The higher the frame rate the more the size of the video, and the more will be smoothness in the video. Be sure not to select a frame rate of less than 24 for a seamless video experience. Lower frame rates would give you lower file size but not-so-smooth videos.
    How to record screen on Windows using VLC scr 2
  • Now select your destination in the next tab and select where the recorded file would be saved along with the output container. You can choose H.264+ Mp3 for video and audio codecs in an MP4 container format but you can also choose .webm format for amazing clarity in small video size. VP80 + Vorbis are the video and audio codecs in Webm videos and they are the same video codecs and the same format used by YouTube for online video streaming.

    How to record screen on Windows using VLC scr 5
    Choose the Destination and the file name and then click on “Save”.
  • Click on the “Start” button now to start the recording and on “Stop” when you want to stop the recording.
  • Now head over to the destination folder where your video file was saved and now you can view it or edit it using some tool of your liking, hence Your desktop screen’s video is now made and you can do anything that you like with it.

So this was our tutorial post on how to record screens on videos using a VLC media player. You can find the full tutorial in the below video for ease of understanding.

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How to Record Screen on Windows Using VLC

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    thanks for this awesome article. I never knew that we can also use VLC media player to record our desktop screen. Thanks a lot for this, Aditya!

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