IGTV by Instagram might be the next YouTube killer

In terms of video based content YouTube is the biggest but IGTV by Instagram is here now, will it win?

Till now YouTube was everyone’s favourite place for finding and watching videos. But today, Instagram announced IGTV which is a new app for video content creation and sharing. IGTV by Instagram stands out in the crowd as the app offers long-form vertical video creation and sharing only. This is different from all other similar services like YouTube or Vimeo.

In the IGTV app, users can watch videos from people they follow and can also get recommendations. Another cool thing that IGTV starts playing videos as soon as a user opens the app. Right now, users will be able to upload 10 minute long videos and as they grow an audience base they will be able to upload up to one hour-long video. This is not the end- Instagram may let users upload longer videos having no limits on length or time in future.

The user interface of the IGTV app is quite basic and simple. Users can swipe through videos or swipe up to switch to a ‘Browse Tab’ to check out the recommended videos, popular videos, videos from creators they’re already following and the option to continue watching previously started videos. IGTV app will allow creators to make channels where they can put all their videos and under the videos, they can also put external links to any webpage.

As of now, there are no ads on IGTV but in future Instagram may let the creators monetize as they are investing some time in making content. The main focus of IGTV is to engage users and make them watch content as youngsters are enjoying content on their phones mostly and are hardly watching TV.

So this is Instagram’s effort to make it the ‘TV of Future’ where people would watch videos while some users may move from YouTube to IGTV a bit to enjoy more content from their favourite creators. Instagram has also announced that now the app has 1 Billion monthly active users and Instagram’s growth rate in Q1 2018 is now higher than Snapchat and Facebook.

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So would you be joining or using IGTV soon?

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IGTV by Instagram might be the next YouTube killer

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