[REVIEW] Infocus M350 Review, Specifications and Price

The InFocus M350  is the latest amongst the many entrants in the sub-10k price range, and it has a distinguishing feature and it’s the 8 MP front camera the camera phenomenon is finally here! Infocus M350 recently launched in India, keeping in mind the selfie trend that’s catching up with this tradition.

The parent Company Infocus wants to make the best out of this opportunity. And they have done pretty well by launching a phone that has an A-Class quality 8 MP front camera for Selfies and also a back 8 MP back camera to hone your photography skills!

The phone apart from this is an above-average smartphone and works well enough for most of the daily needs of any user. Here is our first impressions hands-on video for people who want to skip through the post, though that’s not recommended!

Here’s a detailed review of the Infocus M350 smartphone:

1. Design:

Infocus M350 review, specifications and price in India

The phone has a curved design along with a removable glossy plastic finish back panel. The design has been kept simple and subtle. The back camera is situated on the top of the panel along with a small microphone/ speaker and flash next to it. A 3.5 mm jack is present on the top surface rim of the phone. The sides of the phone have a faux metallic finish which somewhat gives the look of a chrome finish.

There is a volume control button on the left and a phone lock button on the right. The volume appears to be a little tight, and not as responsive and smooth as compared to other smartphones, You might have to press it harder in order to properly use it. The micro USB port to charge the phone is on the bottom side of the phone. The front of the phone is a 5-inch HD Display. The 5 MP front camera is near the speaker grill.

2. Display:

Infocus M350 review display quality hands on

The M350 has a 5-inch IPS (in-plane switching) display, which packs a screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels.  It reproduces colors well and minimizes reflections. Doesn’t matter if you are reading something or watching a video on your phone, these two elements make a lot of difference in the picture quality of any smartphone.

Apart from the basic settings of brightness and contrast, there is also a setting that allows the user to adjust the color temperature on the screen- natural, warm, and cool, depending on whether you prefer richer or more toned-down colors. The one-page UI is a lot more similar to the MIUI, without any app drawers. The phone comes with Android KitKat 4.4.4.

3. Performance and Storage:

InFocus has packed in a MediaTek MT6752 quad-core, 64-bit processor and is paired with 2 GB RAM. The phone switches between using all the cores or a single core at a time to save power. This combination proved powerful enough for a lag-free performance most of the time, which involved playing back HD movies and games.

But then there is an issue of heating. If you try to play a 4k Video on this device, it heats up and you may also find lags in the video. Also, if you try to play a heavy game let’s say “Injustice: Gods amongst us”, the phone starts heating up after some duration of time. One can easily increase the storage on the device up to 16 GB using a Micro SD Card, apart from the already present onboard 16 GB storage.

4. Camera:

Now the camera is the selling point of the Infocus M350. There is a back camera of 8MP and also a front camera of the same specification. The back camera comes with an LED Flashlight that can click amazing shots during the daytime. But when it comes to clicking pictures in low light, the camera is mediocre.

Also, when you focus on a single object while clicking using the back camera, the camera ignores the surrounding objects, which makes for a cool selective focus. You can see the effect when you zoom the picture and see other objects. It struggles to get decent pictures in low light.

While clicking selfies from the front camera, the result is pretty good. The auto focus on the smiles of the subject led us to good-quality selfies. To watch the sample images, just watch our full video review at the end of this post.

5. Battery and Voice quality:

The device comes with a 2500 MAH Battery which survives for a whole day. You might have to charge your phone only once a day that too in case of extreme usage while gaming or playing music. The voice quality of the device is better as compared to its competitors in the market.

During a call, you can increase or decrease a volume and it does not falter. Also, when playing music on speakers, the sound amplifies a bit if you put the phone down instead of getting muffled because of speaker placement. This feature makes the speaker much better than on many phones out there.

6. Connectivity:

InFocus M350  comes with the basic features of Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. For headphones, there is a 3.5 mm jack available and a micro USB Port for charging the device. There are two slots of SIMs available. The first SIM can have 3G and 4G connectivity, but the second SIM doesn’t provide that option.

Infocus M350 review: Conclusion.

The M350 does great in some departments like camera and performance but because of a lack of luster design and some other shortcomings, few people might want some other devices.

Still, if you are on the lookout for a solid budget smartphone to get the best selfies out there and a phone that lasts you through the day then this is the smartphone you are looking for! At a price of INR 7,999, this smartphone delivers great value for money despite the heated competition already present in the sub-10k smartphone region.

Video Review

Here is our full review video for the Infocus M350 for the people who want to look at the M350 up close and front.

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[REVIEW] Infocus M350 Review, Specifications and Price

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