MIUI 6 update to arrive soon for all Xiaomi phones

What’s new in MIUI 6?

five pillars of miui 6

MIUI 5 was known for two things. Security and customisation. Three base pillars i.e. colour , motion and content are the pillars of MIUI experience.
Colours are used too well throughout the OS. Motions have been customized for making the UI more pleasing. Motion is customized for UI elements and individual elements have received genuine treatment to make overall animations as well as subtle motion elements extremely pleasing to the eye! Specific animations like the device unlock animation, weather app motion animations, uninstall app animation etc. are visual spectacles and a whole experience in themselves.
Their is a compass application too and it works with a live view and allows us to see through what is happening, more of it is covered in our preview video. Really beautiful iconography is present in MIUI 6. MIUI 6 has gone more flat in terms of design. Motion graphics have been put into the icons to make overall experience more realistic.

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Content in MIUI 6 :

Notifications : When you are gaming or taking a picture you don’t want to be distracted too much. Phone call comes as a floating notification just like Android lollipop. But MIUI 5 built this earlier. Important and unimportant notifications are categorised and displayed like that.

MIUI 6 update to arrive soon for all Xiaomi phones customization in miui 6

Notifications are displayed according to their importance. Lock screen, desktop and notification shade and status bar are the places where notifications show up. Unimportant notifications are tucked away neatly. Icons can be turned on for notifications. No scrolling notifications are present in MIUI 6. Settings for notifications can be changed on a per app basis. (customizable notifications) It can also be seen in our preview video.

What's new in MIUI 6 important and unimportant notifications

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Mail app : Auto setup for mail application has no need for extra details. Crowd sourced credentials support over 120,000 email domains and users just need to put in their login credentials and begin using their email.
The reply in the mail app is shown as a text box and there is no need for pressing different icons for responding to emails. Viewing email threads as conversations like chat apps is supported by default and only new parts in each conversation are displayed and not the remnants of previous thread/conversation or message and if a message is too large then a more button is displayed which allows users to read all of the content.

MIUI 6 update to arrive soon for all Xiaomi phones attachments

All the attachments in the different emails are present in one single location called as attachments.
Home screen :

Press the icon with one finger, switch screens with another finger for moving icons on the home screen in MIUI 6. It is more simplified than normal app drawer etc. based home screens. Bulk move as well as bulk delete option is present in MIUI 6. Shake to clean up auto arranges the apps on the homescreen and it’s a pretty nifty feature!
Transition effects have been edited and new effects have been added. App preview comes up in the recents button. In the recents you can switch between icons and previews in recent menu and pinch to zoom can be done to see the various recent screens and you can also lock an app from garbage collection process by holding its icon and swiping it down in the recents screen.

Customisation :

A lot of Custom themes are available for MIUI 6. The various themes have really awesome download stats. The Bunny love theme has over 15k Downloads. Thalaiva forever has 40k downloads+ as well as really good animations. Built in game on lock screen for Sankanti flavours theme is another genius of design. 80k downloads for tribute to master blaster theme shows that a lot of awesome design ideas have been floating around and one thing worth a mention is that MI fans have designed various themes available. You too can design your own custom combinations in the MIUI 6. There are now more than 10k themes available for the MIUI 6 and it’s a huge number. 233% high theme downloads have happened for MIUI than previous year in 2014 and the trend is expected to go further upwards.

Customisation has been done for Performance. There are tools to monitor data usage up to a very fine granularity level. Data roaming exception list for apps in MIUI 6 is also present. Permission manager allows full control of data and resource access for each application.

MIUI 6 update to arrive soon for all Xiaomi phones

MIUI 6 update date for MI 3, Redmi Note and Redmi 1s

Xiaomi Note 4G full review 4

The MIUI 6 will be pushed to the MI 3 in early February in India, to the Redmi 1s and Redmi note in late march and January 31st will be launch date for kernel source launch for the Redmi note 4g. Xiaomi has also promised that 3 months time would be now standard within which kernel sources for devices will be launched. Rooting is covered by warranty. Boot loader is unlocked by default in all Xiaomi phones.

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MIUI 6 update to arrive soon for all Xiaomi phones

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