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Inspirational quotes – Facebook covers for you

facebook covers photos containing inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes Facebook covers for our Inspirons. After all you deserve some warmth, care, motivation, support and friendship! Read on for more. And scroll below to download some amazing Inspirational quotes Facebook covers.

Facebook covers containing inspirational quotes. :-

Facebook covers with Inspirational quotes

“It’s not who I am underneath. But what I do that defines me!” -Batman (Batman Begins-2005).

This motivational quote by Batman would be the perfect Facebook cover for the strong headed people!

Facebook covers with Inspirational quotes

For those who like a carefree, playful and joyous attitude. This Facebook cover reflects the naughtiness as well as innocence of a beautiful smiley 😛 . For those who don’t like things the hard way, this is the perfect Facebook cover photo.

Facebook covers with Inspirational quotes

“Connect the dots!” -Steve Jobs.

This is a very famous quote by Late Steve Jobs. Whatever you are doing right now may not have any immediate value. But later in the future the dots will connect for sure. And you will be amazed by how much progress you made. Like it may seem hard to draw traffic to your blog now. But you can learn so. Click here.


Facebook covers with Inspirational quotes

This beautiful quote from the Shawshank Redemption is so inspiring that our hamsters at Inspire2rise labs start jumping! Just joking, wanted to tell you the extent of depth of this quote.

And on a lighter note.

Facebook covers with Inspirational quotes

Lol ! Well that’s not a quote. But we felt like paying a tribute to one of the greatest villains of our time. The Joker from The Dark knight.

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  1. I have this exact page bookmarked and read it every night before I go to bed for the night. Thanks for sharing these inspirational thoughts and covers.They had always inspired me.

      1. kamaal karte ho sir ji wo bana rahi hai aur aap ban rahe ho =D , site dekho konsi hai uski aapko kya lagata hai …

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